This is the first SEO roundup for the first week of February 2019. Can you believe it one month of the New Year has already passed!

Moving on with our weekly SeoEaze’s SEO roundup, Google Search Ranking Algorithm showed signs of an update on February 7th. It is hard to say what websites are mostly affected by this minor update, however, most of the update signs are coming out of the United Kingdom.

If you have witnessed any change in organic rankings or traffic for your websites, most probably it has happened because of this update.

Bing Recommends Publishers To Use The “Submit URL” Tool

Last week, Bing remove URL submission restriction on its Submit URL tool from 10 URLs per day to allow 10,000 URL submissions per day. This is a move as announced by the search engine to do away with the crawling as a strategy to include web pages into their index.

In an interview with Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism at Bing confirmed that this is the direction Bings hopes to move towards. According to her, crawling URLs is both ineffective and resource intensive for both Bing and the publishers. Instead, the new strategy will let the publishers submit their content to the search engine.

To fully utilize the new strategy Olson recommends that publishers should start using this function NOW. This will allow a lot faster crawling and indexing of the content.

This makes way for the biggest update for content creators who use the Yoast SEO tool with WordPress.

Yoast To Add Live Indexing For Google And Bing

At YoastCon, Joost de Valk that the popular Yoast SEO plugin will start offering live indexing with both Bing and Google from the next month.

For Bing, the plugin will most probably be using their newly introduced submit URL API. As far as Google is concerned it is still not clear how this feature will work. On the official Yoast blog, it is pointed out that “For Google, the details on this are not entirely determined yet, but a Google Search Console account will probably be required.” We expect it will have something to do with Search Console.

Explaining further Joost wrote that, “When you connect your site to MyYoast, you’ll authorize it to send messages back and forth. One of the types of messages that will be sent will be when you publish, update or delete anything on your site. We’ll pass that notification on to Bing, and Bing will check the changes within approximately one minute of you hitting the button.”