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SeoEaze Weekly SEO Roundup:October 15, 2018-October 21, 2018

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Now it appears as if we are repeating ourselves over and over again, whenever we report a new Google search algorithm update.

Another update was signaled on October 16th with most of the automated tracking tools showing signs of SERPs fluctuations. There was chatter in the SEO community regarding the same as well.

We would not recommend you to pay attention to the recent algorithm updates and keep doing your work because there is a limit to how frequently you can change your SEO strategy. Making a change in your plan to accommodate every update can backfire big time.

Other than that, there is no other update this week. However, Google did share its views on learning JavaScript for technical SEOs.

According to Google’s John Mueller learning JavaScript presents a lot of opportunities for technical SEOs. He says there will be a huge boost in how Google interprets JavaScript over the next couple of years.

Here’s what he has to share:

You’re going to run into significantly more JavaScript over the next years than in the 2’ish decades in SEO before. If you’re keen on technical SEO, then past HTML you’re going to need to understand JS more and more.

There’s something to be said for making a sleek, static HTML site, that’s unlikely to go away. However, in practice, JS frameworks are everywhere nowadays. Given the number of SEOs who have a good grasp on technical SEO for static HTML, if you want to differentiate yourself, understanding how JS works, where it works with SEO, where it blocks SEO, what the effects are on other search engines & clients — obviously on top of understanding technical SEO — will make your services much more valuable. Coding isn’t something everyone likes to do, and there’s enough around SEO which doesn’t involve doing that, but if you’re keen on JS, there’s a big opportunity here.

I do not disagree, I doubt many SEOs disagree? But if you do, I am sure I will hear from you in the comments.

Therefore, learning JavaScript might be a much-needed skillset for SEOs in the coming years.

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