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SEO Roundup

SeoEaze Weekly SEO Roundup:October 15, 2018-October 21, 2018

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Now it appears as if we are repeating ourselves over and over again, whenever we report a new Google search algorithm update.

Another update was signaled on October 16th with most of the automated tracking tools showing signs of SERPs fluctuations. There was chatter in the SEO community regarding the same as well.

We would not recommend you to pay attention to the recent algorithm updates and keep doing your work because there is a limit to how frequently you can change your SEO strategy. Making a change in your plan to accommodate every update can backfire big time.

Other than that, there is no other update this week. However, Google did share its views on learning JavaScript for technical SEOs.

According to Google’s John Mueller learning JavaScript presents a lot of opportunities for technical SEOs. He says there will be a huge boost in how Google interprets JavaScript over the next couple of years.

Here’s what he has to share:

You’re going to run into significantly more JavaScript over the next years than in the 2’ish decades in SEO before. If you’re keen on technical SEO, then past HTML you’re going to need to understand JS more and more.

There’s something to be said for making a sleek, static HTML site, that’s unlikely to go away. However, in practice, JS frameworks are everywhere nowadays. Given the number of SEOs who have a good grasp on technical SEO for static HTML, if you want to differentiate yourself, understanding how JS works, where it works with SEO, where it blocks SEO, what the effects are on other search engines & clients — obviously on top of understanding technical SEO — will make your services much more valuable. Coding isn’t something everyone likes to do, and there’s enough around SEO which doesn’t involve doing that, but if you’re keen on JS, there’s a big opportunity here.

I do not disagree, I doubt many SEOs disagree? But if you do, I am sure I will hear from you in the comments.

Therefore, learning JavaScript might be a much-needed skillset for SEOs in the coming years.

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SEO Roundup

SeoEaze Weekly SEO Roundup October 9, 2018-October 14, 2018

SEO WEEKLY roundup

Weekly SEO Roundup

After some hustling weeks, Google updates have finally gone slow. Even though Google confirmed through Twitter that on average there always an update released every day to make the search results better for the users.

We recommend you not to worry too much about the algorithm updates and keep working on content for your websites. Moving on to the SEO updates for this week:

GoogleBots Ignore Browser Location Requests

Off late we are getting many queries from webmasters regarding the use of location data in Google search results.

Well according to SEO Round Table, GoogleBot completely ignores the location data. Since Google, completely ignores such data it is evident there is no impact on rankings for location data.


According to Google’s John Mueller, who shared his views on the subject on Twitter, said,  “Googlebot ignores those.” He further added, “but I doubt users love them clipboard  the first thing on a landing page.”

It is not conclusive where using live location has any impact on web traffic as such but it would be wrong to assume that Google will penalize you for using such a technique.

Google Tests Clipboard In Search Autocomplete For Recipes

Recently some users reported seeing clipboard or notepad icon beside search autocomplete drop-down suggestions. Here is a screenshot of what the new icon looks like:


There is still no explanation of what this icon does. According to some speculations clicking the icon might add the relevant ingredients to the shopping list.

Google has not yet commented about this new feature.

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SEO Roundup

SEOEaze Monthly SEO Roundup-September 2018 Updates


The September is over and we covered four weekly SEO roundups for the webmaster community listing and detailing all the developments. However, if you missed our weekly SEO updates for some reason, fret not because this monthly roundup will summarize it all.

August saw a major development in form of Google Medic Update that affects the health niche websites mostly hence the name. The first week of the month saw frequent small-scale Google updates that were more of a remnant effect of Medic update.

Google Rolled Out Chrome 69

The major development for SEO industry in the month was rolling out of Chrome 69. As the most used internet browser, Chrome certainly affects your SEO. The version 69 of Chrome comes with a lot set of new features.

From shilling off the HTTPS notification to hiding URLs, Chrome 69 is full of surprises for webmasters. The new omnibox added to the chrome gives you instant answer for factual figures like temperature and scores.


Learn what’s new in Chrome 69 in this weekly SEO roundup.

Another week has passed and we are here with this week’s SEO roundup. This week had a bit of chatter regarding a new algorithm, for a new search result the Google broke and a few more happenings.

Next week was abuzz with Google search breaking for a particular search query on September 14. The ‘compare the market’ query returned 404 error for users. What made this error more interesting is the fact that Google took 12 hours to notice and fix the error.

Amidst of ongoing small updates in search, Google came up with GDPR Alert for sites blocking users. It was found that some websites are blocking users even when they are indexed in Google Europe. This leads to poor user experience and Google has hinted on removing such sites from the results.

The third week of the month saw a spur in webmasters receiving the email from Google that their websites are been migrated to Mobile-First Indexing. This also led to some ranking fluctuations but Google confirmed that mobile-first indexing does not affect ranks per se.

Also clarifying on how long Google can take, John Muller said it can take years to fully rollout Mobile-First Indexing for all websites.

Bing Adds AMP To Search Results

Another major development of the month was Bing adding AMP support in the news section. AMP has been around for over 2 years now, but Bing has not been active to implement it in its search results. But what seems to be a start finally the Microsoft owned search engine has come around with AMP support.

The last week of the month came with a confirmed update by Google. This update was not as big as the Medic update but Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed that “We haven’t had a major update of that nature, but we did have a smaller one this week.”

Credit Metadata Added To Google Images Search

What we consider to be another major development of the month is the inclusion of credit metadata in Google Image Search. Speaking of the action Google said, “Also in partnership with CEPIC and IPTC, we hope to create better usage guidance for photographers, photo agencies and publishers to include copyright and attribution information in image metadata. For more on how to best implement IPTC metadata, refer to the IPTC Guidelines.”

Ending up the month was the addition of My Business Video Verification Feature. Google started testing this method 2 years ago and now finally it is rolled out. Now businesses can verify themselves through video calls.

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SEO Roundup

SeoEaze Weekly SEO Roundup-September 24-September 30, 2018

SEO WEEKLY roundup

We start this with October 1st and it’s a Monday so time for another SeoEaze’s weekly roundup for you. The September ended with some frequent updates from Google. Now let’s see the first SEO roundup of the month.

Google Birthday Update

On September 27th, Google confirmed a smaller update of the algorithm on its 20th birthday, none other than Medic Update. On 1st August, Google’s Danny Sullivan gave some hints about the updates in the Medic algorithm. This update is not a bigger one like earlier birthday updates of Google algorithms, but a smaller one. He said that he posted this update last night in the SEL.

Danny Sullivan made a confirmation that “We haven’t had a major update of that nature, but we did have a smaller one this week.”

Some people say that this is a smaller update and Danny said that it is simply a Google Birthday update. Some experts say that it is called as a smaller update since one can call it a smaller one since its impact on local business page rankings is smaller when compared to previous birthday updates.

He added that some people are saying it is a reversal of previous updates and some said that this one impacted their sites badly and some said that by this birthday update, their sites recovered from the havoc of previous algorithm updates.

Sullivan added that though it impacted a smaller number of sites, the impact is tougher on the sites it could impact.

Now Credit Metadata Added To Google Images Search


Google made an announcement that they added creator and credit metadata and will add Copyright notice Metadata. By this update, Google will update Image credits information on the image along with Google Image Search. Google further added “Also in partnership with CEPIC and IPTC, we hope to create better usage guidance for photographers, photo agencies and publishers to include copyright and attribution information in image metadata. For more on how to best implement IPTC metadata, refer to the IPTC Guidelines.”

Google My Business Video Verification Feature

Two years ago Google started testing methods for the verification of local business by using Google My Business through a video call. Here is the synopsis of Google’s Ben Fisher’s Twitter screenshot in this regard.

In the recent update, the user can select “verify now through live video chat with our operators” and then select “connect” button. This is not meant for all businesses. This is a default option in the Help menu but it comes up occasionally.

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SEO Roundup

SEOEaze Weekly SEO Roundup-Google Updates, Bing AMP Support

SEO WEEKLY roundup

Another week has ended, the weather has gone a little cold but the SEO community is all warm and hostile due to the frequent Google Search Algorithm updates.

On September 19, there was a lot of chatter about a probable Google search algorithm update. Most of the automated tracking tools picked the spike in ranging fluctuations. It was nothing too big but there is 100% assurance that something took place around September 18-19.

We think these changes are brewing around the batch of mobile first indexing changes that are been released in batches. The ongoing talks about ranking changes are not related to the mobile-first indexing shift as per Google.

Moving on to the next update this week,

Google Mobile First Indexing Migrations Can Take Years

I am sure that there are a lot of you who have received notifications from Google about their sites been migrated to the mobile-first indexing process this week. However, the search giant is far from done as currently sites being migrated are almost equivalent on the desktop as compared to mobile. According to John Muller, it still can take years to migrate all websites to the mobile first indexing.

On Twitter, John commented that sites been moved are still seen as mostly equivalent on both desktop and mobile.

This is why there is no reason to see a shift in rankings for sites that are migrated over to the mobile-first indexing.

If your site is still not migrated, you need not worry as Google does not see your desktop and mobile pages to be in par. However, we advise you to work on making your website pages more equivalent.

Bing Adds AMP To Search Results

It is not often that we have updates from other search engines than Google to cover in the weekly SEO roundup but you never know.

Bing finally came around and added AMP to the news section in its search result pages. If your website is in the United States searching and included in Bing News and has AMP enabled, then you will see the AMP lightning bolt next to your stories.

Google already included AMP in its search results around 2 years ago and finally, Bing has done the same albeit a bit slower. Here’s how the AMP pages show up in Bing:


If you notice, the news section has the AMP version but the main web search section still does not have AMP results.

We expect Bing might consider rolling out AMP for main web search as well.


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