Article submission to the do follow article directories with high page rank (PR) is an important consideration. It should be very simple to understand why submission to some of the best directories is important. Because these directories have higher page ranks in the search engines, therefore they automatically also pass on the benefits of high PR to your articles and business. Here are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed with the high PR directories.

Building back links

High PR directories can help you in building back links effectively especially if you submit your articles in the do follow article directories. We all know that when the question is about the backlinks, page rank is the most important factor. Obviously, everyone would like to link back to your business if you have submitted your article to the high PR article directories. This will be good for their own reputation. Therefore high PR directories can help you in building the back links effectively.Article Submission

Driving free traffic

Submitting the articles with the URL of your website to the high PR web directories can help you in driving a lot of traffic to your website or the blog. This is so because the high PR web directory has its appearance in the front page, which can automatically also bring you to the front page, provided your article is worthy of it. When a worthy article is submitted to the high page rank web directory, it can help you in getting free web traffic whether you have a website or a blog.

Promotion of the website

Another reason why you should submit the article to the high PR directories is because it helps in website promotion. When you submit your article to the web directories that have page ranks varying from 1-6, you can by default, promote your website by making available your article on these directories. For example, if you have a keyword-optimized article in the article directory with PR 6 (for example, articlesbase or ezinearticles) your article can show up in the first few pages of search engines such as Google, yahoo! and bing which will help in website or blog promotion. However, for that it is important that you leave the article with your link as well.

Free method of marketing

Usually article submission to the web directories is a free process. You can submit your articles for free. Therefore, talking in content to the aforementioned point, it can be an excellent way of free marketing of your website. You know how difficult it is to market your website for free. However with article submission to the high PR directories, you can easily market your website and show a path to the customers towards your products and services.

All these benefits can be enjoyed with the help of article submission to high PR directories. It can allow you to get greater recognition, more sales, more profits and more traffic apart from all the SEO benefits as well. therefore submission to the high PR directories is an attractive SEO technique that can produce excellent results.

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