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How To Get Started With AMP? A Detailed Study

Google AMP

Google is rolling out the latest accelerated mobile pages in the mobile search results but do you have any idea as to how to get started with them? Let’s take a look. Being a site developer, your main objective is to get people to read the content as fast as possible. These days the mobile web pages provide easy scrolling and rich graphics. However the daily impediments like scripts and ads keep serving the content suitably. Due to this, a lot of users abandon content and choose installing ad blockers. For the publishers, the ad blockers can be like a death sentence.

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How to Make Your WordPress Site AMP Ready

SeoEaze Page Speed Before & After AMP

There’s nothing new about it that when Google rolls something new, everyone just jumps on it right away. Same is the case with AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages that are the hot stuff these days. Nowadays we spend much time on the mobiles and so businesses are developing latest ways of monetizing. Just like Facebook introduced Instant Articles and Apple brought out Apple news, Google has rolled out Google AMP.

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What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) & Its Importance for SEO

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is the Google backed project that aims at speeding the content delivery system through using stripped down code i.e. the AMP HTML. In simple words, AMP is the way to create web pages for the static content and allows pages to load faster than normal HTML.
Accelerated Mobile Pages

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

AMP uses open source framework which means that it can be used by other companies for serving content built using AMP HTML like Twitter, Google, Pinterest. Google will now be using these accelerated mobile pages to serve the content on mobile devices without the need of users to have to click through to the website to check the content. You can easily view the demo of AMP within the search results of Google.

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