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Advanced SEO Techniques For 2017: Be Ahead Of Your Competitors

Are you one of those looking to know the advanced SEO techniques that you can incorporate in your business for this year? You are not alone. There are millions of people out there who are searching for those secrets all around the globe. Here we have gathered the top techniques that can help you achieve better rankings, online presence and much more in the year 2017 and beyond. But be careful! These are not the ONLY techniques that you must use. There are others as well which we will be writing about in next post. Stay tuned for more information guys.

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Ankit Pandey, Our CEO Discussing about Link Building at Interview with MediaShower

In an interview with “MediaShower”, Ankit Pandey discusses strategic SEO techniques, link building, content & social media marketing evolution and Google update’s take on SEO.

Here’s an abstract of the interview.

The changing trends of SEO and evolution of Google’s intelligence comparative to human brain, requires for a link building strategy that is not the same as before. More emphasis is on quality content based links.  Explaining the complete link building process in the interview, Ankit recommends the inclusion of forum links and industry based links. He suggests forum link building is for brand awareness while industry based links are the most trusted quality backlinks.

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Top 5 SEO Mistakes Every Beginner Should Avoid

SEO or Search engine optimization serves to be very important for each and every SEO campaign. So it is required to be used in best and proper manner. The major search engine giants consider various factors while giving ranking to a web page and this keeps on changing. Thus here we discuss for you the top 5 SEO mistakes that every beginner should avoid. Avoiding these errors, the beginner can easily implement an effective SEO campaign and gain success in no time.

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What is Local SEO? A Complete Guide

Local SEO

Local SEO is now becoming a popular term these days. The reason behind this is simple- small businesses and sites are now looking at the significance of getting on first pages of big search engines just for the aim of brining in new business. The World Wide Web serves to be a huge place that encompasses everything from each corner of the world. And this is mainly true when you have a brick and mortar, real time business. So, rather than spending your time and money marketing the whole world, it is better to have a targeted and local approach, indulging in localized SEO.

The way you get traffic and maintain visibility on the top search engines is actually based on the SEO strategy that you use. So, whether you opt for a test plan or complete implementation, you will have to lay stress on the on page, off page and other tactics to make your local SEO plan a successful one.

Local SEO and the steps you can takeLocal SEO

The local SEO techniques aim to get a company’s name, site and business in front of the customers, the ones that are located physically nearby. Just think of this as local section of the yellow pages. Indeed, at the end of the day, localized search engine optimization simply means that in case your clothing store is located in Michigan, the potential customers will easily find your store by searching on a local level.

How to go about it?

One of the greatest ways of achieving local SEO is through using the map programs such as Google Maps. It is generally free to get your site registered with this and so the registered websites get priority for the customers.

It is crucial to include the physical address on the site along with the zip code on website titles. This detail will then get indexed by the search engine crawlers. It serves to be the very first step towards carrying out local SEO. Also, you need to remember about leveraging social media. There are many local options in social space which need to be taken into consideration. Have a look at the images, local groups, videos and blogs. These will offer you the chance to increase awareness about your presence and services, thereby letting you drive more traffic.

On page SEO is crucial

Then, on page local SEO is more like traditional optimization however with the aim on location getting targeted. This simply means the traditional SEO aspects like page name, keyword density, page title and meta tags. You need to keep in mind that the focus should be local on the targeted keywords. You can check our On Page SEO Service to complement best with your off page local SEO work.

How to carry out Off page Local SEO?

Then, off page techniques are important for localized SEO as well. The in bound links need to be created between the site and various other local sites. The anchor text links on such sites need to be reflective of local keyword theme and they should even point towards individual location web pages and not to the home page.

Concluding lines

In all, local SEO has been an overlooked thing of internet marketing that includes increasing opportunity for many sites and businesses. With some research and proper SEO strategies, you can define the tactics and implement them to have successful Local SEO campaign.

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How to Recover From Exact Match Domain Penalty-EMD Update Detailed Analysis

As I was exploring the reason behind why some of the top micro niche sites have lost traffic, I realized that this is due to the EMD update by Matt Cutts. The same update affected my sites as well. One of the biggest impacts was seen on my new website that I recently launched on arts and craft hobby ideas. The site was launched by me just about 3 months ago and I picked up Rank 2 for the targeted keywords in no time. Unfortunately, the website lost all its ranking after the EMD update, the result of which was my site getting dropped from the 1st page to somewhere not in the search results.

I was shattered to the core and thought that all my hard work has gone waste. Then, I decided to look into the matter of what this EMD update is all about and the ways to recover from such a blow. Below I share my understanding of this update and how we all can recover from the loss.

So, what are exact match domains?

EMD or the exact match domains are the domain names that have exact match keywords. For instance, “howtomakemoneyonline” or “SEO-services-for-you” are the perfect examples of the exact match domains. Earlier, such domains have higher rankings in the top search engines even though they had low quality content. This was so because then the search engines gave importance to the exact match keyword in the URL.

But thanks courtesy the EMD update, all the exact match domain sites have now been penalized and have been thrown out from the search results.

Here is Matt Cutt’s most popular tweet confirming EMD update. 


Image Credit :-

More examples of the EMD sites:


To target the customers who are looking forward to get budget travel accommodation options and traveling tips.


To target the users wishing to know or buy the best weight loss supplements.

Thus, now, when you are aware of what these domains or sites are that have been penalized hard, let us not waste time any longer and know how to best recover from such a brunt.

How to recover from EMD Penalty?

This is indeed the million dollar question that is heard everywhere these days. When Penguin and Panda updates were launched, many experts gave the tips on how to recover. However, this is not the situation with the EMD update. The penalty here is for the low quality websites with EMD URLs. Though Matt Cutts reported that this will just affect the low quality websites that have the exact match domains, it is believed that many sites with the EMD have lost traffic that they were getting earlier from the exact match keywords.

So, follow the useful guidelines and tips mentioned below to recover from the update and take your sites to the position they were in the past.

Tip # 1

Take out time from your schedule to re write the poor quality content that may be there on your site or blog. Also, add high quality original, fresh and latest details or content to your site in order to survive and recover from the EMD update. Don’t just leave your site to bring in the traffic in an automatic manner. Rather, add fresh and original content on a regular basis. You even need to remove all the duplicate content and check if there are any sort of broken links.

Tip # 2

Combine various micro niche websites into one authority site. Now it is no longer a nice idea to own many small sites and blogs scattered here and there with variants of main keyword. It is better to combine them into a single, authority website.

Tip # 3

It will be nice to participate on the social networking websites such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Ensure that you increase the social visibility of your site. More so, work on your website presence in the social networking websites. Make Twitter profile, Facebook pages and more.

Tip # 4

Increase the authority back links through guest posting and blog commenting on the quality websites of your niche. Even the domain age and powerful back link profile matter a lot. It has been seen that the new sites are more affected by the EMD update than the older ones. Surely, the older websites have more of natural back lines and the new ones have low back links.

Tighten your seat belts

As soon as you follow these tips, you can then move towards filing the reconsideration request to the search engines using the Webmaster Tools. It is imperative to remember that 301 Redirection will not help you out in any way. There are many people who hold the belief that through the 301 redirection to some new domain, they can solve the problem. As the domain value of the site has been busted, through 301 redirection, you will not be able to get back your rankings.

Go for it

So, to conclude, it can be said that continue with good, original, quality work and have great content and links. Just forget about domain value and instead, lay stress on branding. Try creating your brand image and invest time to promote your site in the social media platform.  Get rid of all the low quality content and broken links. Further, forget about fast recovery from the penalty. The domain value of your site has been downgraded or removed and you actually need to build it again from a scratch.


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