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Google’s Rules For Link Building-You Must Know

Google's Link Building Rules

Are you worried about how to build quality links? As all links are not equal, you have to be careful about starting a link building campaign. You need to build links that are natural, for customers, the links that are relevant to your business and link them with good content as well. This way, your users will be satisfied and search engines will keep you high in search results. So, when it comes to building links, make sure that they are natural and search engines don’t assume that you are trying to manipulate the search algorithm.

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Top 10 Link Building Tips You Must Be Aware of in 2017

Infographics for SEO

As you may have heard of the saying “the more the better” this goes in vain when we talk about links. As long as you want to rank high on the search results, this saying is not true as more links do not mean that it is good for your backlinking profile. It is thus better to aim for few but high quality links only. The risky or poor links don’t help in any way, leave aside giving you boosted rankings. In turn, they can go worse and can get you Google penalty and loss of traffic.

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Why One Way Link Building Is Important In SEO?

One-way link building serves to be a very useful and effective way to increase as well as drive more traffic towards a site. It plays a very crucial role in SEO. Apart from quality content, links are other useful ways of improving the ranking and back links of a website. A site grows high as the links grow. The popular search engines consider quality links of a site in order to rank it in the SERPs.

Significance Of Quality Links & Tips To Remember

Quality one way links are thus considered to be the respect code by search engines. There are indeed some important pointers that need to be kept in mind when planning to do one way link building.

Tip # 1

First and foremost, get a number of quality links from various high quality websites. This is the most important strategy of any one way link building campaign. For this, you even need to be aware of the best sites and sources from where you can get the links.

Tip # 2

Then another pointer worth consideration is to give due importance to the links that are relevant. The links should thus be taken from the quality articles, sites and blogs that have high PR. these types of links are taken to be quality one way links. Having few quality links like these is always better than having huge amount of links with no or less relevance.

Tip # 3

Further, the links need to be permanent. Always keep in mind that you never opt for the paid links. One way link building is something that needs to be done properly and so it is better to hire the services of a quality and reputed SEO service provider to do the same.One Way Link Building

Ways To Achieve Successful One Way Link Building

SEOEaze’s press release distribution, article submission, link wheel creation and contextual link building are some of the services that deal with providing one way link building solution to the clients.

Through the press release submission service, your news is spread all over as it gets published on the reputed and high end PR directory sites. Also, with the links pointing to your site’s pages, you will get more visitors and traffic.

Then, link wheel service is another way of creating the one way links and is the process of submitting the linked content to web 2.0 properties. This way, your site gets the chance to get viewed by huge amount of visitors.


Also, contextual link building by SEOEaze is a highly preferred service that helps in one way link building. Using this service, you will be able to get one way links from quality sources.


Last but not least, article submission is another great way to create the relevant one way links to a site. Quality articles are used for promotion of one’s business and to get good amount of traffic. Articles are believed to be king of websites as they play crucial role to bring page ranks for a site.


Enjoy One Way Link Building And More…

So, now as you have much detail on importance of one way link building in SEO, but you feel that it may be a tough job for you to do; you can definitely get reliable services from professional SEO company with complete knowledge and years of experience in the field. In short, one way link building serves as a trusted SEO technique which is surely worth using. Such link building helps a great deal to improve a site’s rankings. So, get set go and use the technique for obtaining bets rankings ever.


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Forum Link Building Tips That Will Help Your Business In No Time

Forum Link Building is the beneficial and effective technique of getting the free back links and traffic. Forums get a lot of visitors every day and so if you provide quality stuff, you will get loads of traffic to your site or blog. The fastest and cheapest way to get a word out about your business or company on the net is through posting in the forums. There are in fact a number of things which you have to do so as to complete this process. You cannot start thread or reveal your site links instantly. This will get you banned from the forums and will not attract traffic to your website. So, have a glimpse at the below mentioned forum link building tips and you will be able to enjoy the process and its results in no time.

Write necessary and valid

Try to keep the posts concise, crisp and short. Do not add any unnecessary stuff. Rather, write or share only that information which is related to your business and that may be valuable for your audiences.

Signature links are important

Also, do not put many links in the signature, just add two links to get hits on links. Whether it is the blog or affiliate link, allow the readers to choose and click on links. In case there are over 5 links in the signature, there will be all confusion for the visitors. So, try adding just 2 links and give in all details about the links so that the visitors can understand the blog’s or site’s nature easily.

Do not promote

It is even imperative to go through the forum guidelines and rules properly before posting anything. Furthermore, you need to keep it in your mind that you do not use the forums for promotion of your products or services. You can just provide some information about your business and leave the rest on the audiences.

Learn the forum etiquettes

Try to be polite, patient and civil. Be polite with everyone and answer their questions with due respect. In case you are a new member, you cannot step on everyone’s toes. In case you offend some moderator, you will be on the edge of losing your profile or account on the forum. Never post lies or irrelevant content. If there is nothing valuable to say or offer, simply don’t post. it will take time for the forum community to know your business, your products and more and so you need to be really patient at that.

More tips worth noticing

More so, stay on the topic and do not write anything that you please. Ignore the spammers and try to respond them through personal messages and not on the board or thread. It is even important to remember that to be understood by others, you need to use proper grammar, spellings and avoid the slang.

When it comes to replying to some post, don’t just quote from previous entries or comments. Try to be original and natural. Try not to post any sort of material or information that violates the copyright.

So, what are you waiting for? Just follow these forum posting tips and you will be able to leave a good impression on the popular online forums in no time. Just create your account and start healthy posting. Using and following the tips mentioned above will help you to have a successful forum posting campaign for your business or site.

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Why Article Submission To High PR Directories Is So Necessary?

Article submission to the do follow article directories with high page rank (PR) is an important consideration. It should be very simple to understand why submission to some of the best directories is important. Because these directories have higher page ranks in the search engines, therefore they automatically also pass on the benefits of high PR to your articles and business. Here are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed with the high PR directories.

Building back links

High PR directories can help you in building back links effectively especially if you submit your articles in the do follow article directories. We all know that when the question is about the backlinks, page rank is the most important factor. Obviously, everyone would like to link back to your business if you have submitted your article to the high PR article directories. This will be good for their own reputation. Therefore high PR directories can help you in building the back links effectively.Article Submission

Driving free traffic

Submitting the articles with the URL of your website to the high PR web directories can help you in driving a lot of traffic to your website or the blog. This is so because the high PR web directory has its appearance in the front page, which can automatically also bring you to the front page, provided your article is worthy of it. When a worthy article is submitted to the high page rank web directory, it can help you in getting free web traffic whether you have a website or a blog.

Promotion of the website

Another reason why you should submit the article to the high PR directories is because it helps in website promotion. When you submit your article to the web directories that have page ranks varying from 1-6, you can by default, promote your website by making available your article on these directories. For example, if you have a keyword-optimized article in the article directory with PR 6 (for example, articlesbase or ezinearticles) your article can show up in the first few pages of search engines such as Google, yahoo! and bing which will help in website or blog promotion. However, for that it is important that you leave the article with your link as well.

Free method of marketing

Usually article submission to the web directories is a free process. You can submit your articles for free. Therefore, talking in content to the aforementioned point, it can be an excellent way of free marketing of your website. You know how difficult it is to market your website for free. However with article submission to the high PR directories, you can easily market your website and show a path to the customers towards your products and services.

All these benefits can be enjoyed with the help of article submission to high PR directories. It can allow you to get greater recognition, more sales, more profits and more traffic apart from all the SEO benefits as well. therefore submission to the high PR directories is an attractive SEO technique that can produce excellent results.

Look at our Article Submission Packages to enjoy benefits of Article Marketing.

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