SEO or Search engine optimization serves to be very important for each and every SEO campaign. So it is required to be used in best and proper manner. The major search engine giants consider various factors while giving ranking to a web page and this keeps on changing. Thus here we discuss for you the top 5 SEO mistakes that every beginner should avoid. Avoiding these errors, the beginner can easily implement an effective SEO campaign and gain success in no time.

A number of SEO beginners and to some extent the professionals too commit some common mistakes when they try SEO for their sites. These mistakes then in turn make it tougher for the beginners as well as professionals to get top results they always dreamt to enjoy.

Mistake # 1

Duplicate/ low quality content

Most people try not to copy content from other sources but act smart by rewriting the content. And so during this, there are many chances that the similar topics, titles or keywords are published. Thus it is advisable that you never indulge in rewriting or copying content from other sources. Try to be original and write fresh content for your site. You can surely take ideas from a number of sources, incorporate them for your needs but be original.

You can further add live experiences and examples in order to make your content original and interesting to read.SEO-Mistakes-to-Avoid

Mistake # 2

Wrong keyword selection and stuffing of keywords

Choosing irrelevant or wrong keywords is the second SEO mistake that every beginner should avoid. It is wise to choose the strategic, relevant, useful, practical keywords to enjoy SEO success. A number of people try using the common keywords to get clients and customers to their websites, irrespective of the fact that those keywords have relevance to the site or not.

More so, keyword stuffing is a problem/mistake found among the beginners. This heavily affects the ranking or your web pages and site as a whole. So, if you wish to rank the relevant keywords high, it is better to create separate page for all keywords and accordingly optimize them. Also, instead of creating the hidden keywords or text, it is wise to make useful p[ages that have relevant keywords.


Mistake # 3


Poor scripts


Using many scripts as well as Flash is a mistake that most of the SEO beginners commit. Most website owners try to make their websites interesting and catchy using the flash pages and images. But these are basically not optimized by search engines. Though using the flash may make the site or pages look appealing and eye catching, it is advisable that you create the flash page with the help of some text and graphics that is easily readable by search engines and so that your content can be easily indexed.

Mistake # 4

Page without links

Links serve as votes to any site. Just giving titles, keywords and web pages will not serve the case when it comes to page ranking. Making incoming links on the web pages will help in having effective SEO for your site. In order to get instant links, you can just have the one way links.

Mistake # 5

ALT Tags

Last but not least, a common SEO mistake committed by the beginners is to forget the application of ALT tags on images- ALT tags were actually made to portray or show the image that was difficult to see or was not accessible because of bad Internet connectivity. So, keep in mind to always add keywords in the ALT tags so that they are easily readable to search engine spiders and the human users as well.

So, these are the top 5 SEO mistakes every beginner should avoid. Some other mistakes that need to be avoided as well include not updating site map, the broken 404 web pages, grammatical errors in content, heading or spacing errors. All such mistakes are very common and therefore distract users from your site. Hence, these SEO mistakes should be avoided at all costs for a successful SEO campaign.