Google Penalty Assessment

Comprehensive Google Penalty Assessment

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Google Penalty Assessment

Actionable SEO Penalty Audit Service

At SeoEaze, our aim is to provide an affordable quality SEO penalty audit services to the clients. Our Google penalty recovery services provide you with an in-depth analysis of your website and a detailed report on the areas where your site fails to meet Google best practices.

Our SEO experts quickly find out the factors that might be resulting in the penalty and based on the insight prepare a road map for repair and recovery. We already have helped hundreds of clients with our penguin recovery service but as Google is evolving there’s a change in penalties that are being imposed on websites. This is why we have improved our services even more to ensure our Google penalty recovery service identified all the issues and lays out the actionable task list for the clients.

Actionable SEO Penalty Audit Service

What our Google Penalty Assessment Service Includes

Google penalty issues have become all-too-common forcing websites to make sure they have an action plan in place to recover the lost traffic and revenue as quickly as possible. In our Google penalty recovery audit, we perform a series of engineered tasks to incrementally assess your website. This way our SEO experts are able to cover all major organic search engine ranking factors that are not properly implemented on your website. We prepare a detailed report that enlists all the barriers to SEO requirement immediate fixing.

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Our Google Penalty Recovery process

We understand that Google penalty assessment can be tricky as there are so many factors to consider. However, to ensure your site recovers from the most common kind of Google penalties, we implement:

  • Link analysis with inorganic/unnatural link evaluation
  • Anchor text analysis
  • Website analysis utilizing proprietary tools
  • Identification of links that need to be removed
  • On-page Google Guidelines violations testing
  • Content quality evaluation for plagiarism and optimization
  • Penguin penalty check for over-optimization

Order an in-depth link audit to identify the bad links that might be keeping your website from ranking higher in Google.

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Google Penalty Recovery Services

SeoEaze is capable of providing the best Google penalty recovery and cleanup services as part of the SEO penalty audit. Our recovery services include penguin recovery, optimization according to Google guidelines, spam link removal, content quality audit and high-quality backlink building.

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Google penalty recovery experts from SeoEaze help your site get its rankings back with clean content and natural, good links.


When hit by Google updates like the Panda or Penguin, we at SEOEaze make it easier and faster for you to recover from such penalties in the shortest possible period.

removing low quality links

Removing low-quality content and bad links from your site are what we excel in. Our expert auditors ensure that every segment of your website is as per Google guidelines.

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Asked Questions

Google is always trying to keep the search results relevant for its users which is why it keeps updating the search algorithms. If your website does not fit the Google guidelines or is involved in black hat SEO, then it can attract a penalty from Google which simply means the removal of your web pages from search results.

Google can penalize your website in two ways: Algorithmic penalty: The most common type of Google penalty that is entirely automated. If the algorithms find your website non-compliant with the Google guidelines, they penalize the site.
Manual penalty: It is carried out by human reviewers when algorithms are not able to work out whether to penalize a website or not.

At SeoEaze, we have mastered the art of Google penalty recovery. Our expert auditors will find out all the factors that are causing a dent in your SEO. Then, we fix them one by one to ensure your website is fully Google guidelines complaint.

It depends. Google penalizes websites at varying degrees, it might be that one particular page on your website is penalized or the entire site might be under the hammer. We will be able to provide an accurate timeline when we audit your website.

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