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Weekly SEO Roundup-August 27, 2018 to September 2, 2018

How are you doing this week, SEO Folks!

Well as Google or any other search engine had no new updates rolled out, so the scene last week was pretty set. There were no reports of the Medic broad core update by Google causing fluctuation in the search results.

It is a sign of relief, but what were the updates, if any, in the SEO realm if any? Let’s start with this week’s SEOEaze’s roundup.

Google Made It Clear That Source Of Link Alone Doesn’t Make It Bad

It has been kind of on and off discussion among webmasters. But, Google’s John Mueller while replying to a tweet made it clear that the source of the link alone is not the decisive factor if a link has a negative impact or not.

After the Google Penguin outcry, it was noted that the search giant made it clear that while ranking websites the new algorithm update looks at the content source and not the destination.

Signaling on the method how a link quality is evaluated, Mueller said factors like how the link got on a source matters.

So, Penguin knows how a link got placed on a source? It’s hard to say. Google must have a criterion that looks at several other factors while deciding the quality of the link and how it affects the destination.

Again this statement has made it clear that the intent of the content is what matters most, rest all is icing the cake.

Moving on, one of the Twitterati noted something pleasantly surprising about Google search.

Google Tests Rounded Sticky Search Box

Google is surprising more and more users with brand new design tests in the core SERPs. This time it’s a rounded search box that sticks at the top of the browser window when you scroll down the SERP.

The screenshots of this new test design first appeared on Reddit. It looks like this:

When asked by SEORoundTable, Google confirmed the testing of a new design, “We’re always experimenting with new ways to improve the Search experience for our users.”

Since then we have heard from a lot of people noticing the new sticky search box.


Here’s a video one of the Twitter users posted showing the Sticky rounded search bar in action:

Before this Google test the rounded search box design on Mobile a few months ago.


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Is Ahrefs Worth The Price-An Honest Ahrefs Review


SEO as we know it is changing rapidly.

You cannot blame anyone but the spammers for always trying to trick search engines. Those days are long gone and Google has brought in measures to curb black hat tactics.

If you want to rank on Google, you need to work on the best content that offers human value.

Google has made it simple, but not easy in any way. SEO is now about finding the topics relevant to you and writing content that can strategically rank in Google and is most likely to get shared.

That’s what an SEO software can offer you. An opportunity to choose topics more strategically and find sites and people who are most likely to share your content.

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Semantic Search Optimization Is The New SEO

semantic SEO

Established businesses and startups are now coming to the realization that SEO is an important part of their overall digital marketing strategy. Even if you are not fully aware of how SEO works, still it is important to know that search engine optimization practices are changing at a high speed.

Since its inception in the late 90s, SEO primarily was focused on the marketing aspects. It was not until Google started taking tough measures to ensure that SEO is more about the users’ experience rather than just ranking websites.

Google has evolved a lot over the last two decades and now it offers quick answers to the online search queries. This responsiveness is not affected by even misspelled, incomplete or poorly worded phrases.

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Ranking In Google Takes Time, But How Long?


We often get asked by our clients, how long before they can see their websites in the top positions.

It is a tough question to answer as there is no magic formula to find out when you will be ranking on the first page. It’s not just but no one can tell you how long it takes, not even the Googlers.

However, over the years we have gained the experience to lay out the factors that play the most important role in ranking your websites. Google has officially accepted that there are more than 255 ranking factors, but the most important ones that affect 80% chances of ranking in the top 10 SERPs. Let’s have a look at these factors.

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Google Penalty Control-How to Remove Bad Backlinks


Google is the prime source of traffic for almost all websites (or at least for the majority of them). If you want to be found on the Internet, you need to maintain cordial relations with the search engine giant. Google weighs the potential and quality of your website based on more than 200 factors. Still, backlinks remain one of the topmost ranking factors.

There may be an incident where you bought the link from some SEO company or became of a private blog network that resulted in you building low-quality unnatural backlinks.

These bad links can get you penalized by Google and result in loss of ranking as well as reputation. Google is extremely strict about webmaster guidelines and those poor backlinks will definitely get you into trouble.

In this comprehensive discussion, I will be detailing how you can easily identify bad backlinks and the ways in which you can direct Google to not take such links into account.

Link Building Is Still Important- Yes, it is not dead yet! 

Poor quality backlinks can very much hamper the search rankings of your website. However, you still need to keep building links as they are important to have a higher ranking in Google.

Search engines work almost the same as they used to decades ago, just with slight alterations and innovations. Google specifically takes PageRank of the linking website into account to decide PageRank of a webpage.

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