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Boost Your Google Visitors To Your Website With These Simple Steps

If you want to get huge traffic to your website, adding a single keyword to your website or optimizing the images may not suffice. You cannot depend on a single hack to improve traffic to your website. In reality, it takes a pack of strategies to achieve a massive traffic to your site on Google. You may not afford from your budget to enhance your website traffic. However, it takes time to enhance your website traffic even if you won’t apply any significant techniques for this purpose.

Most of the entrepreneurs may not like the slow and steady strategies to improve their website traffic. But these techniques work. Most of the website owners want to play safe, but that strategy cannot get the approval of marketers and entrepreneurs. A website needs to get 50,000 to 1million new visitors every time to stand the competition. We may not like slow and safe approach towards the growth but slow techniques often win over the quick hacks in the long run.

Google rankings need to be paid, referral, search and direct traffic. All the website owners need these forms of traffic to enhance their business. So, you should concentrate on all these means of traffic for a steady growth of your website rankings. Always keep in mind that to enhance your business, in the long run, you must stress on high-quality traffic. For this, you have to concentrate not only on the top level of SEO rankings but also the middle and bottom of your sources of traffic.

A blog or a twitter page or a case study won’t suffice to enhance your website traffic. But all these means serve your purpose of luring unique visitors to your website every time. These hacks are not quick solutions to enhance your business but help to reduce the pressure. These are the slow strategies to get high-quality traffic to your website, 50,000 views every time.

  1. Hire a content writer

We all may have heard the saying, “content is King”.  High-quality content is the cheap and easy way of getting massive traffic to your website. Creating high-quality content is the best way to enhance your SEO rankings. For this, you may need to write blogs or posts on your website and social media at least three times a week.

You have to spare four hours a day for this purpose. If you take website business as a part-time occupation, devoting twelve hours a week may be a herculean task.

Content is the top-most marketing strategy. Have a look at how content marketing stands in competition-

content marketing

It costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing strategies but makes 3 times more profit for every dollar you invest. But it takes a large amount of content for this purpose. But the majority of time to generate content takes in writing and research. If you cannot devout four hours for writing, you can hire a quality writer to serve this purpose. So, writing is in demand for this peculiar reason.

You may get content you need at a lower cost and sometimes free. You may find a number of content marketers, content creators, and copywriters who do these tasks for a living at an affordable cost. Nowadays, there are many platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, WeWorkRemotely to provide content writers to serve your purpose in your budget. So, stop excuses and make your way to enhance your website traffic.

  1. Search for new places to market unique content

Blogs are not enough to get a good traffic to your website. You should research new stages and audience every time to market your unique content. You can use a number of channels to make a hike in the website traffic. Webinars is one of such ideas. Content marketing institutes show the statistics about the use of webinars has grown to 58 percent in the recent past. A swift growth is noticed in the rankings of websites that use webinars as a marketing strategy.

Webinars can be successful to drag the attention of the viewers up to 40 percent and 40 percent of these viewers may turn to be your loyal customers in the long run. Webinars can drive huge traffic towards your website. There are a number of webinar marketing services like
GoToWebinar provides archives of your webinars so that you can use them when you need to promote your content.

Another peculiar way to enhance your website traffic is the use of Podcasts. Most of the American youth are eager to hear the Podcasts.  Use of websites like SoundCloud on YouTube makes the sense in this context. This is a way to attract new listeners every time and thus drag traffic to your website.

Podcasts is really a perfect way to promote your website if you need a young audience. Over 67 million Americans listen to the Podcasts every month and these statistics show the growth up to 20 percent every year. Podcasts can be produced at your budget. Shopify provides you tips about the creation of Podcasts at $100. Statistics say that 25-54 percent of population hear regular Podcasts more than any other page feed and 15 percent of them have an annual income of about $150K.

If the standard of your blogs improves above average, Shopify guides you to the partners you can rely on to enhance your website traffic. To create backlinks to your website, you can act as a guest to someone’s Podcast. This is a way to enhance your website traffic.

Backlinking opportunities help you to develop contacts with the influencers. The influencers help you to get more referrals and enhance your website traffic. To sum up, content creation alone cannot fulfill your job. You should think creative beyond traditional marketing strategies to develop your website traffic.

  1. Fix your metadata

Meta descriptions provide short notes to describe the content of your page more precisely and with accuracy. Meta descriptions lure the visitors to go to your website and thus enhance your website traffic. Metadata has the capacity to make or break your website’s reputation and traffic in the social media. Google uses metadata to identify and analyze your content, answer the questions and index your pages accordingly.

Google does not use your content to the fullest if it lacks metadata. Your content should contain meta descriptions and keywords for proper indexing of your pages in the search engines. For good SEO to your content, you should focus on three points, the problem of the user, solution, and outcome. If you should get more visitors to the site, you should focus on the visitors’ requirements and make sure that you should provide the content that provides a solution for their problems and that you are providing the content what they are looking for. Metadata helps you out in this context.

  1. Role of featured snippets

When you need to boost the searches for your site, you need a featured snippet.  Featured snippets contain informational content. These snippets appear in Google’s SERPs after any advertisements and sponsored pages or posts. The featured snippets may not appear in the rank no.1 Google SERP pages but a little longer in the search pages. For example, Hubspot has the featured snippet though it does not rank 1st in the Google SERP. Featured snippets are helpful to make your way to get a massive share of organic search traffic.

In this context, Hubspot did a wide research about the posts with and without featured snippets. Without featured snippets, the post got 33 percent of clicks in the first search and 18 percent of clicks in the second search.

With featured snippets, the post got 50 percent more clicks with every search. Using featured snippets in your content is a simple hack to enhance your website rankings.

  1. On-site ads are to be reduced

Google is working on algorithms that block websites which hurdle user experience. Google focuses on optimized sites and keeps on caring for good user experience, there is an algorithm called Fred which is useful to penalize websites that barrier good visit experience to the viewers. With the launch of algorithm Fred, most of the top websites lost their rank in organic searches. Most of the websites suffered heavy traffic loss due to slow startup and with a heavy number of backlinks and a lot of advertisements that cause the slow start of websites and lead to disappointment of users.

In some cases, though the websites have less number of ads, they suffered a huge loss in the traffic. The reason is, the quality of the content in the sites is of poor quality. You need not remove ads from the content completely but should reduce the number of ads. Take care that your website does not have too many HTTPS links and avoid negative impact on the user experience. You can save your site from the fangs of Fred by reducing the number of ads on your website.

  1. Mobile Response to your website should be less

Mobile response time can make or break your website traffic. Most of the data consumption is through mobile phones in the current situation. Most of the top websites are adopting mobile-friendly versions to reach number of users. Make sure that the website is optimized based on the needs of the mobile users. Google is keeping on its efforts towards mobile-first experience. This push is because Google found that the top ten countries for search traffic have slow mobile internet connections on an average. Though most users use mobiles for internet surfing, they suffer connectivity issues. So, your website must be mobile friendly and should start up and navigate faster to top the search engine rankings.

The qualities of a mobile-friendly website are:

  • Avoids less popular technologies like Flash
  • Should use text that is readable without zooming
  • The sizes of the content should fit the screen so that the users need not zoom or scroll the screen horizontally
  • The spaces between the links should be sufficient so that they are legible to the users and the users can select the links they need to go through

You can improve the traffic of your website by adopting a good internet server that has less response time. For instance, the time to first response or TTFB should be less than 200 milliseconds.

The three ways to improve your website traffic on mobile phones are

  • Your website configuration should be improved
  • Your web-hosting server should be of high-quality
  • Optimize your website and images and reduce the ads

The plain and simple way to enhance your website traffic is getting mobile friendly by putting extra efforts.

  1. Make yourself available in local searches

Google_My_BusinessFred has a great influence on local website traffic. It is self-destructive if you neglect your local SEO. Depending on ad-income alone will be damaging. If you own an e-commerce website and need local visitors for the growth of your website, you should include local keywords in your content. Creating GoogleMyBusinessPage is another option.

Updating local search engine results regularly makes your website more mobile user-friendly and helps to boost your traffic. If you want to provide local information on other directories, make sure that you provide accurate information. Focus on local keywords to enhance your website traffic. Local SEO is the cheap and best idea to boost your website rankings. Even if you don’t want to enhance your business in the local markets, using localized keywords and meta descriptions help to boost your website traffic in the long run.

  1. Use better Keywords

Keep on using localized keywords but don’t stick to them. To get a huge traffic, you must use better keywords and meta descriptions using Google console. Optimizing your keywords through Google console helps to drive your website traffic to the heights.

You can simply log in to search console website and give your website’s name on that console. If your website is named as a property in that console,

navigate to Search traffic>search analytics.

Then you can find what visitors are looking for from your website.

This console places and organizes URLs of the websites and provides keywords that most number of visitors looking for. With the help of this console, you can know what keywords are working for you to get more searches and can modify your content according to the SERP rankings. Google provides all the information that helps to your success. All you have to do is make the most of it.

  1. Use of referral domains or buying blogs

Backlinks help to succeed in driving more website traffic, undoubtedly. Buying blogs to get more referrals and backlinks is another strategy to attain 50,000 visitors to your website. Only organic SEO cannot drive the traffic to your website. You need the help of referral links at the same time.

The characteristics of the website you can invest in are as follows:

  • Worthy traffic of at least one year
  • Minimum 10,000 monthly visitors
  • Minimum of 50 percent of searches should come from search engines
  • Should have at least 300 RSS customers
  • Should have decent page rank other than zero
  • Should have a source of monetization like affiliate links

This kind of websites can make money besides bringing huge traffic to your website. You need to invest on such websites to enhance your business. If you do not have capital, you can buy referral domains. Referral domain is a website that links your website without the content of its own. These links help Google to count website links of referral domains as backlinks. It is better to have more referral links from different sources or domains than having more referral links from a single domain. Some of the characteristics your referral link should possess are:

  • They have to be reputed and high-quality domains
  • Should have their own domain authority
  • Should have some kind of trust flow
  • Should have relevance to your website

Referral links do not have the same capacity to attract website traffic like blog posts. But these are helpful to improve your website traffic at a less investment. Buying blogs need some capital but never let you down because you are investing on your website.

To end up, there is no single hack to enhance your website traffic overnight. You have to promote it and make it reachable to a large number of visitors. You can achieve your 50,000 visitors mark by optimizing your website. There are no quick fixes but you can achieve your goal in the long run.

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SEO For E Commerce-Fundamentals Are Very Different


Getting good rankings for your online stores in organic search engines like Google or Bing is not a herculean task as it looks. Your aim to optimize your website in search engines and top the rankings can be achieved by adding backlinks relevant to your online store and adding keywords that top the search rankings.

Reaching the lead position in the search engine rankings is a complicated and time-consuming process. Most of the online marketers wish to go for paid services to withstand the competition for short-term benefits but doing good SEO is the key that helps you out in the long run. To grow your business quickly, you may choose online paid advertising services.

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Content Is King, But What Matters Quantity Or Quality?

Content Is King, But What Matters Quantity Or Quality

For optimizing a website, all of us unanimously agree on a saying, “Content is the King”. We believe that high-quality content gives user satisfaction and better optimization for our business or website. Content is a concept hard to understand. High-quality content alone cannot give you good rankings. You need some marketing strategies along with the quality content to boost your website traffic.

You can take guidelines from sources like Wordstream guide content amplification to enhance your website traffic and rankings.

Content with excellent quality makes you withstand the competition and drag the attention of the visitors towards your website. You have to know the ways to create prolific blog content to precede your competitors in the website rankings.

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SEO Tips To Increase Visibility Of Your YouTube Videos

youtube seo

If you sweated hard to make a video to enhance your business using your own keywords and uploaded the video on YouTube, and if you did not find the video in search engine results, you feel disappointed and puzzled for sure. You must know some tips to improve the search engine rankings of your business videos on YouTube.

Here are the crucial tips to help you out to top your video’s search engine rankings. First of all, you should know the key points that influence the rankings on search engines.

  • Watch time: Watch time is the time the viewer watches your video since he pressed the play button or the time the viewers stay on the page when the video is playing.
  • Length of the video: Lengthier content often stands as a synonym for the quality content. Videos longer than 10 minutes stand top in the rankings as most of such videos assure viewer satisfaction and relevance to the topic.
  • Number of subscribers: The number of subscribers to your channel or videos shows the impact on the rankings of videos. The highest number of subscribers strengthens the rankings of a video or a channel in the search engines.
  • Interaction with users: Response by the viewers or users through likes, shares and comments, subscriptions, and linking influence the rankings of your videos.

How to Optimize your YouTube channel?Yotube Channel

  • Select a suitable name for your YouTube channel that resembles your business, website, product or service.
  • Try to include a keyword related to your business or website on your YouTube channel
  • Never keep ”About Us” section of your page or website dry or empty. Fill it up with your objectives and relevant information. Make sure that you provide correct contact information on your website.
  • Google uses your location to connect your content to the author and helps to enhance your website and YouTube channels.
  • Upload relevant and appealing images to your profile and banner pictures.
  • Make sure that you upload videos with full titles, descriptions, keywords, and tags.
  • Work to create individual thumbnails. Thumbnails should be helpful to explain and indicate about the video. Thus the thumbnails help to improve click-through-rate or CTR.
  • Try to work on uploading the videos regularly around the year.
  • Always keep your videos arranged and well-organized playlists so that the viewers can find the videos they are looking for at an ease.

Take care of your objective

Always remember that you should upload only videos in your YouTube channel.  The slide shows and texts in the videos may exhaust the audience. These may impact the quality of your content. Real live footage and good voice overlay enhance the number of visits instead. HD videos help you to drag more views to your channel.

You should maintain quality in using video cameras and avoid abrupt images and sounds, for example, shaky hands in the middle of the videos and irrelevant speeches. You should know how to use video camera wisely. Your videos should be engaging and entertaining to capture the market. Take care that your texts, labels, and images in your videos related to the business should be relevant to that of your original website.

Try Different Styles of Videos

Refreshing and entertaining content can attain top rankings within no time.

Try to avoid monotonous content in your videos. You can try out a variety of videos like Vlogs, Presentation videos, testimonials, product reviews, interviews, tutorials, and event videos. Take care that you present your content in a relevant and convincing style.

Avoid Tricky Titles

Try to keep relevant and short titles to your videos. Customers get annoyed by irrelevant content and tricky titles. The title you keep your video should match the objective of your business.  Otherwise, it may cost you your loyal customers.

Keep track of the market trends

There is no perfect guide about trends in the market to enhance your business. This awareness comes out of wisdom and experience. You can get some stuff relevant to the trends by updating about the trends of the market and the flaws you can encash to enhance your business. For example, if you are a foodie and run a cookery channel, if you search for a certain recipe, if you cannot find the recipe in YouTube searches, you can make and upload the video by your own and fill the gap in the market to benefit from it.

Keep in mind that YouTube and Google design search algorithms to check the matching terms in your content including titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and keywords. Lengthy descriptions and images are a faded fashion in the market trends. Keep track of your style so that it suits the market trends.

Length of the video

There are no specific guidelines regarding the length of the YouTube Videos. For example, your product description may make a video of 3 minutes and your interview may make 10 minutes.  The length of the video may be long or short but should be straight and be appealing to the customers. You should make sure that the viewer sticks to the screen from the beginning to the end of the video with the same enthusiasm.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine and third most popular website. Whether you are a content marketer, a digital evangelist or a webmaster using YouTube you can promote your brand, content, and products. Just like content, videos also need SEO to rank higher on YouTube. With the tips shared you can easily rank your videos.

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Link Building SEO

10 Link Building Techniques That Are Necessary In 2018

social link building

It’s 2018 and the search dynamics over the internet has changed a lot. Webmasters worry about the how Google is looking at their content and its performance and it turns out not a lot has changed on the surface but on the inside so rapid changes are taking place.

Google already tweaked its search algorithm in mid-December. However, an important aspect of ranking your content still remains the same and it’s Link Building.

Don’t fall for the comments that stride off the importance of link building. Even in 2018 it is still alive and kicking. It is true that there are over 200 signals that indicate the quality and relevancy of content for Google SERPs but link building still remains one of the most important of these signals.

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