To enhance your online presence and improve business, you need to promote your page through Google Ads ( earlier known as Adwords)  and Facebook Ads. This makes your page reachable to an enormous audience and gains loyal customers. Google Ads is not the solitary tool to improve your business in the current scenario. Facebook Ads is giving a tough fight to Google Keywords Planner or Google Ads to enhance SEO rankings of business pages and reach more and more audience with lesser investment. When it comes to PPC services, Google Ads is not the sole competitor but Facebook Ads is providing tough competition in this context too. As an advertiser, you need to decide how much you need to invest in both the platforms to promote your business as an advertiser.

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads

Facebook Ads is the tough opponent for Google Ads when it comes to PPC services. Most of the business pages tend to prefer SEO to enhance their business but the role of PPC services cannot be neglected. PPC is the crucial factor for the growth of Google as a gigantic search engine as well as an organization. Google is the first company that showed interest to grow business with the help of PPC services. Google took PPC very seriously unlike any other company to enhance their business through a good online presence. Google utilized the huge search base to enhance their reachability to an enormous range of audience.

Coming to Facebook, it has nearly 1.49 billion users a month. This company never leaves any stone unturned to convert the audience into loyal customers and enhance their business. Google knows what a user wants and Facebook has good awareness about what audience do on the Internet. Hence, a smart advertiser will chalk out the plan of investing in PPC services, Google Ads and Facebook Ads wisely.

You should understand all costs involved because the investments on Google Ads and Facebook Ads will vary hugely.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the most productive means of improving your business if you don’t waste your money and plan your investments wisely. This is the most successful channel to glorify your online presence. Most of the users believe that Google has answers for any kind of needs or questions. Hence, Google Ads is the best medium to enhance your business. Google Ads will support you a lot if you sell products or provide information people need.

Advantages of Google Ads

  • Google Ads supports you to enhance your business since Google is the first search engine people look for to gain information about various things and products and Google Adsense is associated with a lot of business partners which help you to gain more loyal customers.
  • You can use keywords to gain attention from people and can design dynamic search ads without any worry. Google helps your website to reach a number of people.
  • This tool can provide a lot of ways to invest your money wisely and plan your campaigns for better optimization of your website.
  • You can easily target audience based on locality, network, and country using Google Ad.
  • You can now focus on remarketing using Google Ads through Google search and display networks.
  • If you have a good network and product to sell, you can sell it online through Google Ads immediately.
  • You can strengthen your online presence more if you have good rankings on organic search with the help of Google Ads.
  • People can directly go to your website if they click on Google Ads.

When to use Facebook Ads?

Facebook is primarily a social networking site and you can find what your friends are doing and what they are searching for. Unlike Google Ads, Facebook Ads lays focus on spreading the word about the product as well as promoting the product but will not concentrate on enhancing the business. But if you are a start-up organization, Facebook Ads is the best platform to make your business reachable to a more targeted audience.

If you are an advertiser or nonprofit organization, Facebook Ads is the best place to spread the word.

Advantages of using Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Ads supports posting ads through texts, pictures, photographs, and videos.
  • You can find a targeted audience through their demographics and interests.
  • It will be useful as the best marketing tool if you need to create awareness about the product among more number of audience.
  • A/B testing is possible through Facebook Ads for various kinds of campaigning.
  • Facebook Ads can be useful to increase the number of likes for your websites and sales.
  • You can define the pricing for a number of campaigns you use to promote your business through Facebook Ads.

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads based on costs

You cannot define which one of the platforms is the best to improve sales. For example, if you need to sell wedding rings, you can find that more people search Google to find where to buy wedding rings and search Facebook to find how to make arrangements and preparations for the wedding. Hence, you cannot define the cost-effectiveness of both platforms.  Facebook charges $0.13 to $0.34 for every click and $9 for every conversion. Coming to Google Ads, you need to pay $2 to $6 per click and on an average, you need to pay $4 for every click. Hence, you can use the platform you like to promote your business page or website.  You might feel that average cost on each click is lesser on Facebook Ads but you cannot stick to your decision till the end since it might change with trends in the market.

Why initial costs are different?

In fact, Google Ads sets pricing based on the auction system since people need to buy products online and they have a clear idea about the availability of the advertisers and the number of ad positions they have. This helps them to set a particular price for each click.

Facebook Ads works on the interests of people to buy a particular product and the price varies with the engagement of the audience and the performance of the product. Hence, the initial cost per click will be lower on Facebook Ads and the costs go up with the performance of the particular ad to engage the audience.

How to handle conversions between Google Ads and Facebook Ads?

Initially, the cost for each click will be lesser in Facebook Ads but you cannot come to the conclusion that it is the cost-effective platform. Though the cost of conversion is higher in Google Ads, the cost of acquisition is lower. But you cannot say that you will run into losses if you trust Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads will earn you profits if you keep on running campaigns even when the CPA on Facebook Ads is higher than Google Ads.  But it depends on your profit margins.

You cannot change from PPC to conversion optimizer using Google Ads. You can switch to conversion optimizer after using PPC and assessing the performance for a few days. Coming to Facebook Ads, you can start website conversion without the hinderances of the history of conversion and all the stuff. Google uses PPC  and website conversions to assess the performance of the ads. The Facebook algorithm is working to calculate optimum OCPM  based on the number of audiences and their history of interactions with the ads.

Though the initial CPC and CPA costs are different from Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you can choose a profitable platform based on the CPA cost for each advertisement. Regardless of platforms, PPC services need good investment if they are helpful to generate profits for your campaigns and the campaigns that are not profitable should be stopped or changed.

Can you use both Google Ads and Facebook Ads?

You can use both Google Ads and Facebook Ads in parallel to promote your campaign. Using Google Ads is profitable to design the campaigns based on targeted keywords and searches and Facebook Ads will be profitable for startups and reach a number of targeted audience.

You can do a pilot run on your campaigns and how much you need to invest in to promote your business on both the platforms and you can also assess the performance of your campaigns on both the platforms. You can check how much you need to invest to get the conversions through your advertisements for your business or clients.

You can start with Google Ads to find out the targeted keywords and design campaigns and then run Facebook campaigns to reach a more targeted audience and get more page likes. Later you can keep on running Facebook campaigns to enhance your business.

Also, you can get faster results with Ads to understand your business and later can promote your business with Facebook. After that, you can reach a maximum number of audience through Facebook and then you can use Facebook ads with a different motive like improvements in page visits and sales. Then, you can compare the results with Google Ads to understand the performance of your campaign better.