Are you worried about how to build quality links? As all links are not equal, you have to be careful about starting a link building campaign. You need to build links that are natural, for customers, the links that are relevant to your business and link them with good content as well. This way, your users will be satisfied and search engines will keep you high in search results. So, when it comes to building links, make sure that they are natural and search engines don’t assume that you are trying to manipulate the search algorithm.

In this article, we will be talking about Google’s rules for link building and how these rules can be useful to your business.Google's Link Building Rules

Make your site useful

The first and foremost step towards quality link building is to make your site useful for the customers. This can be done by publishing quality content and not doing any sort of black hat or aggressive SEO. Just make it useful for the people.

Reciprocal Links

Excess of link exchange will impact your site’s ranking in a negative way and you will go down in the search results. So, you should instead do such sort of linking in smaller amounts. Also, ensure that the links are on the topic and they actually make sense to the users. Do not overdo them at any cost.

Buying links

If you have the marketing strategy that you need to do link building or following any single technique, you are actually going towards your failure. It will be a waste if you put in $10,000 a month for buying links and don’t actually do about optimizing your site or building your social presence. As we have observed from algorithm updates and more in the past few years, what works well at one time may stop working completely. If you just do the guest post what will happen when Google makes the decision to take all powers of the guest posts? Just think about that and indulge in different techniques of link building.

Acquiring links in hurry

The rate at which you buy or acquire links is called as the link velocity. This is of great importance to the search engine ranking algorithm. If you try to have too many links in a short span of time, you are actually risking penalties for your site and your site may land up in Google sand box.

Consistent link building is the key

Just as too much of link building is perceived as unethical or unnatural, building a huge amount of links at one time and then not doing anything for months is not considered to be good in any way. Rather, you should build your links slowly and with time, using efforts to make sure that your site’s link authority develops at a steady rate.

Article Marketing

Some people believe that article marketing is not useful post the Panda update however this is not a case. You need to have quality articles with rich content, follow the latest trends and norms. Also, your articles need to be updated, unique and filled with latest information. Then these articles should be posted in high quality sites with links placed in them. You should use keywords as the anchor text. When it comes to writing press release for your business, ensure that you choose the topics that are related to your niche or business. Accordingly, distribute the press release using distribution resources with links strategically placed in them. Further, your PR should create some sort of reaction ripples. Always remember not to spam. Try to have the articles or press releases with good content and pay less attention to stuffing in the links. Do not ever bring out any press release on mundane details as it will not be interesting for your customers.


When you participate actively in discussions on the forums and communities that are related to your business and your comments provide contextual value to that discussion, then you don’t need to worry about sharing that link. At the same time, you need to make sure not to overdo it by using any commercial keywords in the anchor texts.

It is good that people write about your business or company and link to your site but just as long as they build links in a useful and natural way. Spamming the anchor texts with commercial keywords is not natural at all and will only get you in mess. Using navigational phrases or target keywords is a great option.

Should you actually buy links?

Rather than buying links, you can actually invest in making quality content and then promoting your website in such a way that it attracts natural links to your site. Doing so will not cost you much than buying a few bad links and you can achieve better results. All you need is some patience and it will fetch you natural backlinks in no time.

Also, if you wish to have a risk free approach, then never buy links. In case you have bought them in the past, just get rid of them. You can know about how to say goodbye to old back links by reading online.

Social Media Marketing

It is good if you try to be social and active on the platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc. You can build a page to get links from authority sources in your industry and that are active on social platforms. Build a rapport and connect with your followers and customers. Ask them to share your content and you will have a good social presence in no time. Never engage in the blatant self promotion and don’t spam the news feed or wall with any promotional stuff.

 Talking about backlinks again, be authoritative and genuine and have quality content. This way, you can never go wrong. Never be so desperate to use any black hat techniques of link building that can be harmful for you. Don’t buy backlinks from unreliable sources. The backlinks that you buy can only harm your site in some way or the other. Rather, use some white hat SEO techniques that can get you natural links. And always remember to have great content.

Last but not least, you can build links which you can be proud of and never forget the fact that ranking without good links is really tough.