Advanced SEO Techniques For 2017: Be Ahead Of Your Competitors

Are you one of those looking to know the advanced SEO techniques that you can incorporate in your business for this year? You are not alone. There are millions of people out there who are searching for those secrets all around the globe. Here we have gathered the top techniques that can help you achieve better rankings, online presence and much more in the year 2017 and beyond. But be careful! These are not the ONLY techniques that you must use. There are others as well which we will be writing about in next post. Stay tuned for more information guys.

Coming back to this, let’s hit it with the top SEO techniques that are worth using in 2017.

Mobile Optimization of Your Website

A huge amount of population uses mobiles for all Internet purposes and otherwise. A lot of them even use the mobiles at home for Internet uses. It is thus best to start working on a site which is mobile friendly and highly responsive. Not doing this is like guaranteeing yourself to face a setback in near future. Google has programmed an important algorithm in 2015 stating that the websites which are mobile friendly will be provided higher priority and will be ranked better on the search results. Google has in fact given strict guidelines as to how to make your site more mobile friendly and interactive.

Google clearly indicated & said about their upcoming Mobile first indexing & they are going to implement it soon, Gary Illyes from google recently told about it in SMX West 2017 that they are going to implement it in next 3-4 months time. So you must get ready for mobile if you want to remain in business, you can’t ignore it anymore.


Voice Search For Your Website Voice Search Website

Having the capacity to speak to the machines and letting them work for us was indeed on top of the list for research and development for various businesses. Today, it is really possible to use this in your business. I am sure those of you who use Siri have clue about the same. Now the time has come when you should include recording button on your sites and entertain voice requests from people to serve them in a better way. This will eventually free the user to actually use their fingers for holding the morning cup of tea while on the way to office and more. Labnol has come up with a great tutorial on how to implement voice search on your website.


Quality link building

Understanding minds of top search engine users can help you to generate quality links with right keywords rather than resorting to stupid antics such as buying links which redirect people to other useless sites. Just a few self explanatory and quality links will do justice to you and you will not even be banned from search engines.

Rather than buying links, you can indeed invest in making high quality and rich content and thus promoting your website in a manner that it attracts natural link building. This is the approach that will not cost you much and you will definitely achieve greater results in no time.

When you actively participate in any discussion on some blog or forum which is related to your niche or business and if your thoughts provide contextual worth to the discussion, you don’t need to worry about sharing a link there. However, keep it a point of not overdoing it through using any commercial keywords in the anchor texts.



Irrespective of your good writing skills, some people find it simpler to grasp the information visually. A lot of people grasp information in a different way and your message needs to be available in different forms so that it can easily get the attention of the audience. Using Infographics is a great way of attracting links. And it surely works. Sometimes someone may use your infographics without any linking. In this case, you can start the Google reverse image search. There are many other benefits of infographics such as, people do share such content more often than regular articles, which gives social traffic & sometimes it goes viral & you get a traffic spike. Infographics also help you in gaining free backlinks, many times people do share your infographic & do give you a credit link, so you earn a quality backlink for free.


Use of Long tail keywords

longtail keywords


More than 85% searches on google are long tail & just 15% people search small keywords (2-3 words long). Long tail keywords are gaining much importance in today’s times. These are the key phrases or keywords that are specific to your particular service or product than the more common keywords or one word-ers. To be precise, the long tail keywords attract less search traffic however they generally have a higher conversion rate. Moreover, there is less competition for the long tail keywords. So, the more specific and precise your keywords are, less is the competition you will face. As people started using voice searches more often than before, long tail keywords are going to be more important, user not often search direct keywords in voice search. Devices like Google Home, Amazon Eco are getting popular & more & more people started using voice search for their regular queries.


HTTPS – Moving to Secure Version of Your Website 


Changing the site from HTTP to HTTPS will safeguard the connection with your user and will also secure their details. In case some online transactions have to be done, they will also remain safe using the HTTPS. Furthermore, Google provides ranking boost in order to secure the hyperlink transfer protocols. Google clearly mentioned in their webmasters blog in 2014 itself that they will start taking https as a ranking signal, later they also announced that google will index https version first on webmasters blog in 2015 , bing also going the same way & websites started to adopt it now, however still only 4% websites are secure (https),  So are you ready for it?

Social PresenceSocial Presence

Social presence was always very important. It is like the home door of Internet users and a potential market for optimization. Just share your ideas, articles, thoughts, suggestions on social media and let the world know you and your business. It keeps the people engaged with your brand, users always find themselves close to your brand.

These are some of the advanced SEO techniques that you can use in 2017. These techniques are expected to improve the overall quality and functionality of a lot of websites. So what are you waiting for? Use them for your benefit and you will see your site ranking up again in no time.


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