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If you sweated hard to make a video to enhance your business using your own keywords and uploaded the video on YouTube, and if you did not find the video in search engine results, you feel disappointed and puzzled for sure. You must know some tips to improve the search engine rankings of your business videos on YouTube.

Here are the crucial tips to help you out to top your video’s search engine rankings. First of all, you should know the key points that influence the rankings on search engines.

  • Watch time: Watch time is the time the viewer watches your video since he pressed the play button or the time the viewers stay on the page when the video is playing.
  • Length of the video: Lengthier content often stands as a synonym for the quality content. Videos longer than 10 minutes stand top in the rankings as most of such videos assure viewer satisfaction and relevance to the topic.
  • Number of subscribers: The number of subscribers to your channel or videos shows the impact on the rankings of videos. The highest number of subscribers strengthens the rankings of a video or a channel in the search engines.
  • Interaction with users: Response by the viewers or users through likes, shares and comments, subscriptions, and linking influence the rankings of your videos.

How to Optimize your YouTube channel?Yotube Channel

  • Select a suitable name for your YouTube channel that resembles your business, website, product or service.
  • Try to include a keyword related to your business or website on your YouTube channel
  • Never keep ”About Us” section of your page or website dry or empty. Fill it up with your objectives and relevant information. Make sure that you provide correct contact information on your website.
  • Google uses your location to connect your content to the author and helps to enhance your website and YouTube channels.
  • Upload relevant and appealing images to your profile and banner pictures.
  • Make sure that you upload videos with full titles, descriptions, keywords, and tags.
  • Work to create individual thumbnails. Thumbnails should be helpful to explain and indicate about the video. Thus the thumbnails help to improve click-through-rate or CTR.
  • Try to work on uploading the videos regularly around the year.
  • Always keep your videos arranged and well-organized playlists so that the viewers can find the videos they are looking for at an ease.

Take care of your objective

Always remember that you should upload only videos in your YouTube channel.  The slide shows and texts in the videos may exhaust the audience. These may impact the quality of your content. Real live footage and good voice overlay enhance the number of visits instead. HD videos help you to drag more views to your channel.

You should maintain quality in using video cameras and avoid abrupt images and sounds, for example, shaky hands in the middle of the videos and irrelevant speeches. You should know how to use video camera wisely. Your videos should be engaging and entertaining to capture the market. Take care that your texts, labels, and images in your videos related to the business should be relevant to that of your original website.

Try Different Styles of Videos

Refreshing and entertaining content can attain top rankings within no time.

Try to avoid monotonous content in your videos. You can try out a variety of videos like Vlogs, Presentation videos, testimonials, product reviews, interviews, tutorials, and event videos. Take care that you present your content in a relevant and convincing style.

Avoid Tricky Titles

Try to keep relevant and short titles to your videos. Customers get annoyed by irrelevant content and tricky titles. The title you keep your video should match the objective of your business.  Otherwise, it may cost you your loyal customers.

Keep track of the market trends

There is no perfect guide about trends in the market to enhance your business. This awareness comes out of wisdom and experience. You can get some stuff relevant to the trends by updating about the trends of the market and the flaws you can encash to enhance your business. For example, if you are a foodie and run a cookery channel, if you search for a certain recipe, if you cannot find the recipe in YouTube searches, you can make and upload the video by your own and fill the gap in the market to benefit from it.

Keep in mind that YouTube and Google design search algorithms to check the matching terms in your content including titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and keywords. Lengthy descriptions and images are a faded fashion in the market trends. Keep track of your style so that it suits the market trends.

Length of the video

There are no specific guidelines regarding the length of the YouTube Videos. For example, your product description may make a video of 3 minutes and your interview may make 10 minutes.  The length of the video may be long or short but should be straight and be appealing to the customers. You should make sure that the viewer sticks to the screen from the beginning to the end of the video with the same enthusiasm.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine and third most popular website. Whether you are a content marketer, a digital evangelist or a webmaster using YouTube you can promote your brand, content, and products. Just like content, videos also need SEO to rank higher on YouTube. With the tips shared you can easily rank your videos.

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