Ankit Pandey, Our CEO Discussing about Link Building at Interview with MediaShower

In an interview with “MediaShower”, Ankit Pandey discusses strategic SEO techniques, link building, content & social media marketing evolution and Google update’s take on SEO.

Here’s an abstract of the interview.

The changing trends of SEO and evolution of Google’s intelligence comparative to human brain, requires for a link building strategy that is not the same as before. More emphasis is on quality content based links.  Explaining the complete link building process in the interview, Ankit recommends the inclusion of forum links and industry based links. He suggests forum link building is for brand awareness while industry based links are the most trusted quality backlinks.

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Top 10 SEO Trends of 2017 (InfoGraphic)

With changing algorithms, SEO has changed a lot what it used to be previously so we always need to remain updated with latest SEO trends, Here is a smart infographic on what are the top SEO trends in 2017 & what you should do to this year to rank your website well. 

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Off Page SEO

Top 10 Link Building Tips You Must Be Aware of in 2017

Infographics for SEO

As you may have heard of the saying “the more the better” this goes in vain when we talk about links. As long as you want to rank high on the search results, this saying is not true as more links do not mean that it is good for your backlinking profile. It is thus better to aim for few but high quality links only. The risky or poor links don’t help in any way, leave aside giving you boosted rankings. In turn, they can go worse and can get you Google penalty and loss of traffic.

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How to Run Low Budget Adwords Campaign Successfully

Low Budget Google Adwords Campaign

Internet marketers choose different ways of advertisements to promote their websites. There are two ways to boost traffic to a website: Pay per click or PPC and SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Google Adwords is the most popular PPC advertising method chosen by millions of online marketers.

Creating a good Google Ad Campaign is not easy for any beginner because you are not sure how much money is required for the advertisement to get good amount of traffic that converts. For small and medium business, this is definitely a daunting task. You could be spending hundreds of dollars and still not see any conversions you had expected.

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Website Optimization

How to Make Your WordPress Site AMP Ready

SeoEaze Page Speed Before & After AMP

There’s nothing new about it that when Google rolls something new, everyone just jumps on it right away. Same is the case with AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages that are the hot stuff these days. Nowadays we spend much time on the mobiles and so businesses are developing latest ways of monetizing. Just like Facebook introduced Instant Articles and Apple brought out Apple news, Google has rolled out Google AMP.

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