The debate on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is prevalent among marketers. The problem arises when marketers have to choose between the two because of the advantages and drawbacks that exist.

For someone to figure out whether SEO or PPC is best suited for their business, things can get tricky. To make the choice easy for you we have put together this detailed infographic.


Search Engine Optimization 

It is a long-term strategy that offers to provide you with sustainable traffic for a long time by ranking you in the search results. It might take time but it is rewarding overall.

It helps create solid brand awareness and authority that keeps you afloat for long.

According to research, 82% of marketers believe that the effectiveness of SEO is on the rise.

As compared to PPC advertising, SEO Can bring in 15 times more clicks.

Once you gain ranking through SEO, it is very tough for your competitors to displace you.

Pay Per Click Advertising 

A rather short-term strategy, PPC gives you results almost instantly. This is particularly helpful when a sale is coming up.

PPC makes it possible to micro-targeting high-potential traffic.

The ROI is good. According to research for every $1.60 invested in Google Ads, you can make $3.

You can scale PPC ads very quickly with higher bids.

PPC can boost your brand awareness by up to 80%.

Brands use the combination of SEO and PPC for an effective search engine marketing. While SEO ranks its site in the long run, PPC can be helpful for limited-time promotions and flash sales.

The best way to decide whether SEO or PPC is better for you, decide the end goal. To increase traffic by becoming the authority in the niche, SEO is the right choice. However, for more conversions for a short duration, PPC is the best.

To help you choose better, here’s the detailed infographic:

SEO vs PPC Stats Infograph

seo vs ppc

SEO or PPC Stats in 2020 for your business?

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