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How To Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rate? Know The Secrets Here


Landing page and conversions go hand in hand or we can say they do if the landing page has been completely optimized and refined to improve every element. So irrespective of your business or goals, the main purpose of a landing page remains unchanged i.e. to convert. Ideally, you would want every page of your site to convert but landing pages require those extra efforts for improving its conversion rate.

Because you put in so much time and efforts creating a landing page, it should convert. Because you have carefully selected every headline, call to action and more, your landing page must convert. You have done your best to maximize the conversion rate and if you feel that your best efforts are still not enough, what is it that will help you to improve your conversion rate? You need to dig deep into it and know the ways through which you can increase landing page conversion.

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Smart Bidding Tips To Improve Your Google Ads


Over the last few years, it has been seen that the advertisers have reduced the amount of time they spent on Google Ads for about 75% and still the results are better than before. But how is this possible? Obviously, a great strategy combined with the wise use of automation is what gets you going.

Well, what do you mean by “automation”? Here, we mean Smart Bidding. Google’s automated Smart Bidding is not a new feature. CPC has been there for many years and after some skeptical reviews, the actual capability of Smart Bidding is what marketers are not just starting to grasp and use. It is something which has recently started to win over the marketers.

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10 SEO Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Website Rankings In 2019

SEO Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization intends to enhance the website rankings in a fair manner and get more and more traffic for your website. But, many of the website owners make mistakes regarding their website optimization and act as self-destructors for their website rankings and traffic. Here are some of the mistakes that have a massive impact on your website rankings.

  1. Not Relying on Google Keyword Planner

Most website owners believe that using Google Keyword Tool is a kind of cheating and that the tool provides just queries you can use to frame the content. But the fact is, Google Keyword Tool gives sufficient choices to elect long tail keywords and include them in the content to enhance the traffic for your website. Not using the Google Keyword Tool is one of the biggest SEO mistakes since with this tool you can understand much about the choices of the users while surfing the internet and their popular searches about a particular topic. This will help you to know your users better and include the keywords in your content that can gain you more traffic and searches and improve your website rankings.

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Ranking In Google Takes Time, But How Long?


We often get asked by our clients, how long before they can see their websites in the top positions.

It is a tough question to answer as there is no magic formula to find out when you will be ranking on the first page. It’s not just but no one can tell you how long it takes, not even the Googlers.

However, over the years we have gained the experience to lay out the factors that play the most important role in ranking your websites. Google has officially accepted that there are more than 255 ranking factors, but the most important ones that affect 80% chances of ranking in the top 10 SERPs. Let’s have a look at these factors.

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SEO For E Commerce-Fundamentals Are Very Different


Getting good rankings for your online stores in organic search engines like Google or Bing is not a herculean task as it looks. Your aim to optimize your website in search engines and top the rankings can be achieved by adding backlinks relevant to your online store and adding keywords that top the search rankings.

Reaching the lead position in the search engine rankings is a complicated and time-consuming process. Most of the online marketers wish to go for paid services to withstand the competition for short-term benefits but doing good SEO is the key that helps you out in the long run. To grow your business quickly, you may choose online paid advertising services.

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