Digital marketing is an ongoing process, but you know that your strategy is falling flat when you do not see any results from the marketing campaigns.

The problem is, deciding whether your marketing approach needs an overhaul. Your marketing strategy might simply have too many holes which will make it difficult to know.

There is no sure shot way to know whether your digital marketing strategy is a success or not. Furthermore, you might see that revenue is coming in but do not realize if you are generating the best possible revenue or not.

digital marketing update

Here are some of the signs that indicate your digital marketing strategy needs a makeover.

  1. You’re Not Maximizing Your ROI

We are sure that you are getting the tangible results from your marketing efforts, but are you getting the best possible return on your investment?

Your entire digital marketing success boils down to single metrics, CPA, cost per acquisition, how much it will cost for you to acquire one new customer. When you are tracking the success of your marketing campaign, you will discover that some of the channels are more effective than others.

Your goal must be to acquire the maximum number of customers at the lowest cost possible. The only way you can truly determine your ROI is by comparing the results across channels and then analyzing which of the methods yield the best results.

If you are not confident in the ROI and think you are not getting the maximum return, it is time you overhaul your digital marketing strategy.

  1. No results from social campaigns 

Most brands that fail with social media marketing indulge in “post and pray” approach. Simply put they just post content and expect it to automatically generate the engagement they want.

But, actually, brands must be focusing on posting content that will appeal to their audience based on existing data.

For insightful data, almost every social media platform has some sort of analytics metrics of its own. You can know about performance metrics from comments, likes and shares.

If your social media content is falling flat, then something has to change. Whether you have hired a firm for the job or do it on your own, your social media marketing investments must be yielding results.

Failing social posts is a clear indication that your digital marketing needs a revamp.

  1. You get traffic but no conversions 

Traffic generation from successful digital marketing campaigns is only part variable of the equation.

You could be getting thousands of websites visitors every week, but if you are not converting any of the traffic into paying clients or customers, you do not have an ROI.

It is important that your marketing campaigns result in conversions and is not limited to just website visitors.

Your every marketing campaign must be tracked for conversion using tools like Google Analytics such that you can determine the ROI for all of your campaigns.

Many businesses indulge in search engine marketing (SEO) to drive organic traffic to their websites, but it is not the main goal.

You want the traffic on your website that’s highly relevant and targeting so that there are conversions that add to your revenue.

  1. Not getting enough traffic 

Another bad sign of marketing campaign failure is the little to no traffic.

No or little traffic means your digital marketing efforts are not able to drive users to your website or social media accounts.

Every platform on the internet has its own unique algorithm to determine which content gets shown to users. For instance, on Google, it requires optimizing your website in such a manner that it gets displayed in organic search results. For Facebook, the brands relying on organic reach to get the attention of the potential customers are better performers.

When you start to see little to no difference in your traffic volume from your primary market channels, it is a clear sign that your strategy needs a fix.

The right marketing campaign is the one that helps you take advantage of the complex algorithms and drive the maximum possible traffic to your business through the appropriate platforms.

  1. Paid ads results are abysmal 

Pay per click or PPC ads rule the digital marketing realm. They prove to be the rapid lead generators but make no mistake they can be crazy expensive.

Many brands complain of failed PPC campaigns because the paid ads are not targeting the right audience, the conversion is off or the cost per click (CPC) is too high.

The key to success with PPC ads is to target the right audience with the right content. It is true for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or any other campaign you might be running. Unless your PPC campaigns are laser-focused to target the relevant audience and display the right content, you cannot succeed.

The CPC can be highly variable depending on the industry and demographics you are targeting. Your aim is to maximize the ROI. For this, you have to experiment with ad groups, keywords, targeting, ad copy, and more to get the lowest CPC possible.

  1. Your campaigns are put together last minute, mostly

It is not uncommon to find yourself throwing marketing campaigns at the last minute, but if it starts happening more often then you need to take a different approach.

Every effective marketing campaign takes time to be put together. You will be analyzing the existing data, segmenting your audience, A/B testing ads and more.

Your digital marketing strategy can only be cohesive if you are planning campaigns in advance. This includes taking all the necessary steps like conducting keyword research, hiring copywriters, setting up ad targeting, etc.

Your digital marketing campaigns will be much more effective if you have a clear plan of action from the beginning, not the last minute hasted approach.

  1. Your website is nowhere to be found in search results 

Nobody can argue the importance of search engines like Google. People are using it to find almost every service or utility they require.

It is no brainer that if your customers are using Google to find the brands like yours, and you are not ranking in the search results then you are losing a lot of potential customers.

Some websites rank naturally, but it rarely happens.

This is understood because your competition will invest in the SEO to rise to the top in the search results while you do nothing. Again the “publish and pray” method is not enough to rank in SERPs, you need a concrete strategy.

An effective SEO strategy is what you need to shovel yourself out from the bottom of the search results.

Do not rely on chance to rank in Google, invest in optimizing your website, publishing high-quality content, attracting valuable backlinks and targeting the right keywords.

  1. You have no idea how to analyze the performance of your campaigns

Many of the signs we mentioned above require you to analyze the marketing efforts to know if they are yielding results.

But what if you do not know how to measure results?

In such a scenario, again your marketing approach requires an overhaul.

Simply running a campaign or having vague ideas about leads generated is not enough. If you truly need results from digital marketing campaigns you have to determine the CPC most accurately.

There are certain key performance indicators (KPIs) depending on the type of campaign that you must know.

    For SEO, page views, bounce rate, or conversions can be best KPIs.

    For social, KPIs can include likes, comments, shares, or clicks.

    For ads, this may be clicks, CPC, or click-through rate.

Setting up KPIs and knowing how to track them is essential if you want your marketing campaigns to get results.

  1. You do not have a multichannel marketing strategy 

Relying on a single marketing channel is a recipe for disaster.

If you do so you are putting all eggs in the same basket and risking all leads and customers in case you lose that channel.

Also, not having multiple marketing channels means you are not focused on the bigger picture and most likely you will experience gaps in your marketing.

This can result in loss of potential customers, dropping of potential prospects or promotion of an incohesive brand identity.

Focus on implementing a cohesive, multichannel marketing strategy to reach potential customers across multiple touchpoints.

When all your channels are working together, you can be confident in your marketing campaigns to get the maximum ROI.

  1. You fall short from the revenue numbers you want 

This might be the single most important indicator that your marketing campaigns aren’t working.

When you invest time and money into a digital marketing campaign you must be yielding results in terms of revenue.

If you think that the marketing results you are getting are not worth the cost, this might be the high time to get back to the drawing board.

Blindly channelling money into any campaign is not going to help with revenue. Take a step back analyze whether your marketing campaigns are getting you the results if they are, further refine which channels are proving to be most profitable.

Here you have it. These are the top 10 signs that your digital marketing needs a new approach for getting the traffic, leads and revenue.