In an interview with “MediaShower”, Ankit Pandey discusses strategic SEO techniques, link building, content & social media marketing evolution and Google update’s take on SEO.

Here’s an abstract of the interview.

The changing trends of SEO and evolution of Google’s intelligence comparative to human brain, requires for a link building strategy that is not the same as before. More emphasis is on quality content based links.  Explaining the complete link building process in the interview, Ankit recommends the inclusion of forum links and industry based links. He suggests forum link building is for brand awareness while industry based links are the most trusted quality backlinks.

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates and their impact on bloggers were discussed between Ankit and MediaShower. Panda update is targeted towards low quality websites with thin content, he elaborates- “Google clearly explained through this update that the reader is the boss and you need to write what’s best for the reader.” While Penguin updates targeted poor quality backlinks with recent been introduced in September 2016 that brought real time updates.

Link wheel for improvement of visibility over the internet is also recommended by Ankit. The real benefit of link wheel for link building lies in its ability to transfer the “link juice”. Many SEO professionals are not able to fully tap in the potential of link wheels as explained by him.

Responding on MediaShower’s request for a tip for bloggers to help them increase their website traffic, he suggests writing engaging content on topic bloggers are passionate about at the same time being interactive with readers.

Social media marketing was also the part of the interview. The importance of social media marketing, its role in Google rankings and contribution to overall digital marketing campaigns was also discussed.

Ending the interview with his view on the future of SEO and its evolution over the several years he argues content quality and readability will continue to be a decisive factor for website ranking.

Take away from the interview:

“Much has already changed since the time I started my company, and it keeps changing with each (Google’s Search Algorithm) update. SEO will become more focused and strict, and companies will have to shed all the wrong ways of ranking highly if they really want to be successful”-Ankit Pandey.

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