SEO Roundup

SEO Eaze Weekly Roundup: November 20, 2018 to November 26, 2018

SEO WEEKLY roundup

The first week after the Thanksgiving and holiday mood is all set in. For SEOs all across the globe it is the time to work towards driving more sales to ecommerce during the festive spirit.

Last week was quite complacent with no big revelations from Google or any other search engine. That being said, some users saw the Double Carousel View in Google Top Stories. This is an experimental feature that we suppose will be fully implemented after successful testing.

Available only for mobile users, you usually see top stories in Google in a single row that you can flip through. But here’s how the two-row carousel view looks like in Google top stories

Of course, some of you might be troubles with pushing down of the search results but for this type of query is ok to have online newspaper like design.

Moving on in a new revelation by Google’s John Mueller that:

Redirected pages are not indexed by Google

Probably most of you already know this for a fact but John Mueller made is straight clear for someone in doubt that redirected pages are not indexed by Google. So if you direct a page A to another page B, no content on page A will be indexed instead Googlebot will skip page A and hop directly to page B.

Here’s what John tweeted:

Not only Google but Bing also follow the same procedure.

Up next is a revelation that even if you spam your website by mistake you still can rank in Google. Tweeting on the concern, Google’s John Mueller said, “Usually we’re just ranking them because of other factors – getting one thing wrong doesn’t mean you’ll never show up in search.”

It means if you are reinforcing SEO of your website positively even when there is some spamming like keyword stuffing by mistake, you still can rank in Google. John replied for a query where someone complained that one of the websites doing a lot of keyword stuffing still ranks well in Google. John added to his reply that lots of sites get things wrong but they are still helpful.


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