If you worry too much about the URLs of your posts and pages, Google veteran John Muller advises you otherwise.

Replying a recently asked query from a Twitter user about the total length of the URL and use of keywords, Mueller tweeted, “I wouldn’t worry about keywords or words in a URL. In many cases, URLs aren’t seen by users anyway.”

We already know that use of keywords in URLs is a very small ranking factor as it was already mentioned by Mueller in 2016. Once, again we would like to point out that quality content is the only prevailing SEO factor you need to care about.

Structured Data For Question & Answer Pages In Google


A major update of this week, Google announced that it has introduced a new supported structured data format the Q&A pages. It is a reworked design for the question and answer format snippets carousel that you see presently in Google search results. The new design allows you to slide through answers to questions from Q&A pages.

It is not a new addition and had been around for a year now, but Google has now published official structured data markup for it.

You can know everything about the new markup here.

According to the official statement:

Q&A Pages are web pages that contain data in a question and answer format, which is one question followed by zero or more answers to the question. For content that represents a question and its answers, you can mark up your data with the schema.org QAPage, Question, and Answer types.

Properly marked up pages are eligible to have a rich result displayed on the search results page. This rich treatment helps your site reach the right users on Search.

This is designed for social news sites, expert forums, and help and support message boards are all examples of this pattern.

Google To Shut Down Some Old Search Console Reports

Google announced that on December 13, 2018 it will be removing many old search console reports. These reports are already replaced by the new Google Search Console reports.

The reports that will be going away include:

  •     Search Analytics
  •     Manual Actions
  •     Links to Your Site
  •     Internal Links
  •     Mobile Usability
  •     Index Status

There will be some more removals from the Search Console like the Sitemap report in the future.