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Weekly SEO Roundup: August 20,2018-August 26,2018

SEO WEEKLY roundup

We are back with the last SEO roundup for the month of August. This month has all been about the new core update that Google introduced on August 1, and since then many comments about the possible outcomes have been made.

This update is touted as the Medic update because more than half of the affected sites are in the health niche. We already covered everything about the update in our previous roundup articles. Moving on with this week’s roundup,

Another Google Update on August 22, 2018?

A new Google search algorithm update was indicated by many webmasters on Wednesday, August 22. It is hard to say whether it has something to do with the previous Medic update or a brand new and unrelated core update, but many SEO tools showed signs of ranking fluctuations in SERPs.

The chatter is not much among the SEO community, but if your websites showed signs of decreased or increased rankings this Wednesday then the new update is to be blamed. We are still not sure what this update is about, but if you have any idea do share it with us in comments.

Google Tests Another Image Search Results Design

Search giant is testing a new version of image search as some of the users have reported. The new image search design pops up an overlay that hovers over the image you click on. It looks something like this:


Before that the image preview was seen on the right side of the search results, like this:


We still don’t know why Google feels the need to update the image search designs when the current interface works fine.

It is still early to say if Google will make the new design public as the search giant is known to experiment with new user interfaces all the time.

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