Today WordPress powers 37.6% of the internet. As one of the most powerful Content Management Systems in existence, you can rely on WordPress because it owns 60.8% of the total CMS market share.

The reach of WordPress does not end here. Due to its user-friendly nature and out of the box deployability, 14.7% of the world’s top websites use WordPress.

Whether you want to launch a business site or your blog, there is no better CMS out there that can beat WordPress in terms of features and supported plug-ins repository (55,000+). WooCommerce, which is the e-commerce plug-in specially designed for WordPress is used by 22% of the top 1 million e-commerce websites.

Importance of WordPress SEO 

Although, a complete web app delivery CMS, WordPress still needs search engine optimisation to be able to beat the competition and rank your webpages higher in search engine results.

We are often contacted by brands that use WordPress for their websites but still do not rank. The reason being, these brands do not put in efforts to optimise their websites in the best way possible. Repeated inquiries about WordPress SEO, prompted us to prepare a detailed infographic that will help you correctly implement optimisation tactics and if done right, you can grow your organic traffic by more than 78% using the tips.

Here are the 10 simple-to-implement WordPress SEO tips to increase your traffic by more than 78%:


WordPress SEO Infographic For Increasing Organic Traffic

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There’s more

While these tips will help you kick start your WordPress SEO, there is much more that you need to learn. On SeoEaze blog we keep sharing information regarding search engine optimisation and WordPress website optimisation regularly. To learn about the latest improvement in SEO and keep your websites at the top in Google, follow our blog.