It’s 2018 and the search dynamics over the internet has changed a lot. Webmasters worry about the how Google is looking at their content and its performance and it turns out not a lot has changed on the surface but on the inside so rapid changes are taking place.

Google already tweaked its search algorithm in mid-December. However, an important aspect of ranking your content still remains the same and it’s Link Building.

Don’t fall for the comments that stride off the importance of link building. Even in 2018 it is still alive and kicking. It is true that there are over 200 signals that indicate the quality and relevancy of content for Google SERPs but link building still remains one of the most important of these signals.

There is no better way to evaluate the authority of the content than to evaluating its backlinks. Now to make it possible for you to keep generating the best backlinks for your websites we have curated the list of best 10 link building techniques you should be using in 2018.

#1 Make a shift in your content generation to data and research

You do remember when content managers and SEO experts used to leverage the power of lists for getting backlinks. In 2018, lists are not that strong of a link building content but the original data and research is.

The most effective link building strategy according to me for this New Year is to invest in original data and research and publish it. For instance, if you are in a tech domain, pick up a few industry experts and conduct independent research. Publish your findings and based on that publish supplementary content. And do not forget to share your research data on social media.

The content you will generate following this strategy will prove to be the “cornerstone asset.”

#2 Represent Information in Infographic

Infographics are shared like viral content on websites, new channels, and social profiles. However to really use an infographic as an effective link building strategy you need to produce content with organic data and research. You cannot produce run of the mill infographics and expect it to be viral.

How to make an appealing infograph?

Have a look, we made SEOEaze’s infograph on Top 10 SEO Trends of 2017for our readers.

#3 Link Building with Videos

I have always thought that YouTube ends up eating half of the links you create through videos, but surprisingly most of the SEO experts believe that in 2018 video marketing is going to be a valuable link building strategy.

Now it will not recommend that you host videos on YouTube for link building, instead self host them on your website. This way whenever that video is shared you get a back link.

#4 Invest in legitimate link

I know that asking to pay for backlinks does sound risky and by all means it is. Google is very strict about buying links for a black hat SEO link building as it has clearly laid the rules. Have a look at what Google says about paid links-


But the opportunities still exit and you can invest in buying more legitimate links for instance official sponsorships, paid product reviews and guest posts with disclosure.

#5 Try Guest Posting

In SEO sharing is caring and on the flip side it gets you back links. Blogs and websites are always on lookout for authority figures to contribute. All you have to do is to generate irresistible and truly compelling content related to your industry and reach out relevant and high quality websites with the same.

If your guest post is any good the websites will be willing to provide you a backlink.

#6 Sharing Content on Social Media

Social media is still the strongest channel to get in touch with your audience on the regular basis. When asked SEO experts at SMX Advanced, they replied that social sharing still remains an effective link building strategy 68% of the time.

Almost all these experts agreed that sharing content and including links in social media profile is very effective.

Here is a quick guide from Neil Patel on using social accounts for link building.

social link building

#7 Give a testimonial

I call this one the win-win scenario. If you use any products for improving productivity and reach of your website you can choose to share testimonials quoting your experience for using the products. This will build customer trust as well as you have higher approval rate to get your testimonial published as compared to link building request emails.

#8 Publishing Industry-Specific Interviews

PR based assets is again one of the most efficient link building method. Most high profile websites and news content make use of industry specific interviews as effective link building 65% of the time. You get prized when your readers generously share these interviews.

#9 Prospect for broken links

I know this one is old school but it’s still popular and works. See broken links are broken link in the year 2018 as well as and they can negatively affect the authority of a blog or website.

The idea of broken links for link building is simple, you browse popular influencer or industry blog for broken links and if you find any you let the webmasters know about them.

However the real craft is when you are mailing them to correct the broken links you also request for a backlink. The chances are slim but still you have done them a favor by pointing out the broken link.

Now the question is how you effectively and productively find out broken links?

Use the Check My Links add-on and you are good to go.

#10 QA Websites

Have you heard of Quora?

If you haven’t, then you are really missing up on an incredible link building opportunity. Question and Answer sites are the new social networks. Idea is simple you register on such sites and genuinely answer questions and doubts that reader post. While doing the same you embed a relevant link to your website.

Best thing is Google also favors helpful answers on these websites. And if you are really able to help, readers will follow your link at every opportunity they get.


In 2018, link building still remains inevitable for the success of your content. If you want to rank higher, gain authority and drive traffic, these 10 link building strategies might be the best resource for you.