Facebook is continuously working towards delivering content to its users that they enjoy the most. In the hustle to deliver the most relevant content, organic reach has been on the decline. According to sources, the organic reach of FB content is downright dead. This asks for a rather target approach on part of small businesses which want to reach their customers through Facebook but are limited due to a set, low budget.

Today not many of your Facebook page followers see the posts made by you. Those days are long gone when you posted content and many of your followers were able to see it. Now only 1 of every 50 followers of your Facebook business page sees the content you post now.

Fortunately, there is still hope for small businesses that are using Facebook marketing. Here we will be sharing some expert tips that will help you to find the right audience and offer them the content even if you are on a limited budget.

  1. Post with intent

As a small business, you need to be more mindful of how you are communicating with the audience. You cannot just throw a post on Facebook and expect it to be viewed by your followers; you need to post with an intent and then decide whether to boost post with a budget or not.

This is why you should make use of Facebook Insights at all times to know the good content mix and posting frequency.

  1. Always maintain a content calendar

The content calendar becomes a necessity when you are looking forward to planning your Facebook posts effectively.

Facebook marketing is a time-consuming task and you will need a content calendar to help you get the most return on your time and investment. Using a content calendar tool you can plan out the Facebook content at one time and by using tools like Sprout Social and Buffer, you can schedule them so you don’t have to keep a check on them again and again.

But it is important that you keep monitoring the performance and reach of the posts that you schedule. To save your time and efforts, you can try our Facebook marketing service here.

  1. Test the placement of ads

This is an important strategy to engage more audience. You need to test the placement of ads to assess the tastes of the audience. Advertisements that are misplaced in the content may cause a negative impact on organic searches. If you provide poor quality ads on the right side of the newsfeed, you may not increase the number of searches.

  1. Concentrate on retargeting

You should concentrate on the retargeting audience to enhance your Facebook business.  Using Facebook Pixel, retargeting the audience can be done by tracking viewers of curated videos. Also, you can link the targeted audience by tracking the viewers’ list structured using Pixel. You can target the audience who viewed or commented on the products or wrote reviews on the products related to your business. The viewers who viewed the third-party posts can be linked to a retargeted list using Facebook pixel.

5. Establish a community page

The unquestionable fact that stunned the digital marketing crowd is that Facebook community pages can provide more organic searches when compared to commercial Facebook pages.

If we can send Facebook page invitation to the customers, it strengthens the customer relationship as the customer feels special on receiving such invites.

Facebook provides an option that people will get an invite to join the particular community through email when they first visit your page.

  1. How to Establish A Facebook Group

The intention behind creating a Facebook group is, these groups are to be created in order to exchange information and knowledge related to your business but not with the solitary intention to promote the business.

For example, if you need to start an aroma oil for pets business, you can start with a group for guiding pet owners in therapy for pets using essential oils. You need not promote your business directly using your Facebook group but you can know the interests of your customers and then proceed accordingly to promote your business by means of Facebook. With the extension of the group with time, you can share relevant content, articles, and white papers in your Facebook group.

Here you can take a look at the example of an essential oil therapy group moderated by a popular retailer of essential oils. This group has around 13000 followers. She revealed the real intention behind the formation of this group and said that this group aims at discussing safe methods of using aromatic oils and methods to grow aromatic herbs organically and invites new members to the group.

Note: You should stay cautious when it comes to promotions and for example, most of the aromatic oil retailer groups in Facebook invite discussions about other brands of essential oils.

  1. Strategies in Naming Your Group

One of the important strategies to name a group is to go with a typical style that allures the audience to search for it, for example, a group with a name related to extinct animal species. The name should be an interesting one which the users tend to look for on the Internet.

This is a technique that most people ignore while naming their Facebook group. These groups do a great job to create awareness about brands among people. Hence, using tactics to name a group works well for any brand promotion on Facebook.

  1. Add to your Facebook Stories about your business

You should keep on adding stories to your Facebook page regularly. The Facebook Stories to be posted to the Business page should be more casual and catchy and not too formal for the audience.facebook-stories

The stories need not be relevant to the business promotions only but some engaging content like audios, videos, and more that allure the audience to spend more time on your Facebook business page.

Small business Facebook Stories Marketing

One of the strategies that could be used by small business owners is, adding Facebook stories for small business pages as they need not be with higher production values. The message you want to convey to your customers should be engaging but you need not invest much to post these Facebook stories.

Live streaming on Facebook is a good idea too to connect with the target audience. The videos or stories should be casual so that people can experience the feel of being behind the streamed stories by means of live streaming. Live streaming suits all kinds of niches, so you can add tutorials or webinars or anything.

  1. Don’t over depend on Vanity Metrics

The known fact in the field of affiliate marketing is that small business owners expect to invest small amounts in promoting their business and they have many constraints related to marketing budgets. So, we can suggest that small business groups should concentrate on long-term benefits more than the techniques that provide instant and temporary profits.

Digital marketing strategists say that if a Facebook business page videos get 50% of CTR when compared to the number of views, efforts are good and you should not get disappointed because of the CTR being low. The views, comments, and messages you receive are some meaningful results of your efforts.

10.Use of Facebook for Customer Service

It is better for smaller brands to depend on Facebook to fix customer service issues since most of the corporate use social media to communicate with their clients.

Since audience expects a reply from the service providers within minutes, Facebook will be a good medium to resolve customer service issues and even to thank the customers for a review.

  1. Post with a small budget

When it comes to affiliate marketing, laying focus on Facebook posts and investing a small budget for posts and posting the stories regularly works well as a business strategy. This move will improve the reachability of the page among the audience. You can try a variety of posts and remember that posting on Facebook without a paid budget is a waste of time. It is better to post occasionally with even a small budget rather than posting regularly without any payment. Posts made for free are less reachable to the audience when compared to paid posts. You can take the example of two chain restaurant business pages here. One page reached 1.06% growth in total likes per several weeks while other business page lost 7% of the audience after the same duration. This is the effect of Facebook ads.

Facebook ads have a huge impact on influencing the audience on various grounds like age, business, interests, etc. The advertisements resembling regular Facebook posts have good results to promote a business when sometimes, images work well.

12.Limit Your Audience

You can confine your posts to a limited number of audience and test the results. There are some corporate companies that air the advertisements in a limited number of cities and assess the results and profits afterward. For instance, comparing the results of companies that have a wider range of audience to a narrow range of audience can be helpful to assess accurate results. Narrowing the audience is the way to test the creativity in your advertisements.

13.Boosted Posts

When it comes to the example of a migraine relief product, boosted posts impacted the targeted audience in a positive manner. Boosted posts can engage a wider range of audience with a limited budget.  Sometimes you just need a few clicks to promote your business and all you need to do is to boost the post and select the targeted audience to enhance the organic searches. There are instances that the website, with a boosted post, received 1600 paid clicks with $0.02 per click.

14.Facebook Boosted Posts


Boosted posts help us to not only regain lost organic searches but also enhance rankings despite tough algorithms. But small businesses should be careful about their budget related to boosted posts. They have to be cautious about their budget, bidding and pricing the posts. Small businesses use boosted posts because they are quick and engaging but they get less profit on boosted posts. The important reason behind lack of profits for small businesses is the misplacement of advertisements on the page. Giving up control of the advertisements is a negative factor that impacts the outlook of the audience.

Optimizing ads using boosted posts

Optimization of ads using boosted posts is a good idea to engage a number of audiences. For example, you can recreate ads with no likes and shares in an engaging manner and then publish along with boosted posts to engage a wide range of audience.

15.Learn to Use Facebook’s Power Editor Tool

Facebook Power Editor Tool is useful to improve the engagement of audience to a particular Facebook page. This helps to promote your Facebook page better. Facebook Power Editor tool enables you to create A/B campaigns based on conversion pixels, create custom audiences and helps to use advanced bidding models.

  1. Use Facebook’s Catalog Ads

Using Facebook Catalog Ads is a good idea to promote the business and engage more audience. A popular research shows that the business firms not using Facebook’s catalog ads is a wasted opportunity. You can connect an existing catalog to another platform like Google besides creating a unique shopping experience for the customers using Facebook Product catalog ads.

One client said that their business has grown up to 300% by using Google Catalog Ads. Another client reported that their ROAS improved from 600% to 3000% and CPA fell to $45 to $9 by using Facebook Product Catalog Ads.

  1. Pixel Structuring with a Strategy

You can structure the Facebook Pixels strategically to engage more audience. Facebook Pixel collects the data related to audience visiting the Facebook page and collects the data related to them and retargets them later with a strategy.  This tool is provided with a feature that identifies the audience with the same taste. If you cannot use Facebook pixel properly, you cannot boost the number of audiences. FB Pixel can help to find and retarget the audience strategically and make the ad campaign successful. apps_facebook-pixel

Pixel is a great tool that tracks the audience that spends a long time on a particular Facebook page and then retargeting them to enhance the business. With the help of this tool, you can find the audience with interests similar to that of our loyal customers. But most of the companies do not have Facebook Pixel tool set up and this may cause a decline in the growth of their business opportunities.

  1. Facebook Custom Audiences to Retarget Your Audience Who Watched Your Videos

Facebook Custom Audience is useful to retarget the audience more effectively. The use of ad videos is an important strategy that consistently enhances the number of retargeted audience. This tool has the capacity to create a custom audience based on the time they spend to watch your videos.

For example, Facebook Videos can help a dentist to attract more audience based on the time they spent to view their teeth-cleaning video. Another example, a reluctant audience may ignore the ad given by the dentist but the audience who spent more time watching the teeth-cleaning video may probably meet that particular dentist.

The key point in this strategy is Facebook helps to target the audience who viewed 75% or more in the video.

  1. Saved audience

Creating saved audience is more helpful when compared to a custom audience. The saved audience is configured as a standard target audience. If you can create a number of saved audience and make more ads and boost posts, you can benefit more from the Facebook campaign. This strategy also helps to save a lot of time and money.

  1. Try different bidding strategies

You can try different bidding strategies and call off underperforming ads. Also, you can design identical ads with different bid amounts and then test them for a week or two. Then you can demolish poor ads and can go on with successful ads for a longer time. Use of conversion bidding is another strategy to create a huge number of custom and saved audience. Facebook says that 15 to 25 conversions a week is a useful strategy for the successful functioning of the Facebook campaign.


So, this was all about Facebook marketing and how these tips can help you even when you are on a strict budget. Hope this post will help you to do Facebook Marketing the right way and grab more audiences. You can hire our professional, renowned and experienced Social Media Marketing Services and see an increase in your target traffic, profits, and ROI.