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Changes in Seo Strategies After Google Panda 3.4 Update

If you are the one who was hit badly by Google Panda last year, you may have taken steps to recover from the loss. But again, the search engine giant has left SEO experts, site owners and bloggers in a tough situation. This is with its latest update of Google Panda 3.4. The search engine giant confirmed that the latest Panda 3.4 has been rolled out.

What to do?

It is indeed the latest iteration of algorithms that is stressed upon improving and enhancing the search results through dropping the rankings of all those sites that have low quality and poor content.

Even if SEO is a great way for a business to enhance its overall appeal to the search spiders, the latest practices mandate that the marketers now focus on development of only high quality and relevant content in order to drive the search traffic and rankings.

Google Panda 3.4 update

The latest Google Panda 3.4 will indeed provide better ranking for the quality websites i.e. the sites that have original, fresh and quality content and the content that is well researched and properly analyzed. The update surely highlights that while some websites will go up, others will go down. So, if you too wish like having nice rankings of your site or blog, you need to focus on premium quality content so that your site gets rewarded by Google.

Focus on content

Just like the previous Google Panda version, with the 3.4 Panda update, you still need to concentrate on ensuring that your site becomes home to unique and fresh content. You need to further ensure that you do not have any copy pasted or borrowed material from some other sources.

Engage in your visitors

Further, you can see to it that you try to involve as many people as you can in your site through testimonials, comments. This will bring in the real traffic and attract them to be at your site. All this is only possible when you provide them with unique content on a regular basis.

Make note that the spam comments are avoided at any cost. This is so because such comments seem to be scraper for the search engine spiders and so they reduce the ranking of your site.

Be careful and enjoy the update

With the latest Google Panda update, you need to be careful just like the last time and enjoy having a site that is high in search ranking. You have to follow the algorithm and see your site in flying colors.


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How to Use Anchor Text Better and Effectively

If you are looking forward to know what actually “anchor texts” are, just read on. Say you are browsing the Internet and come across the words “Spanish cooks” in blue color written somewhere. And so, when you click on the word, it takes you to some other web page or link where you get amazing details and images on the Spanish cooks. The blue colored and underlined text that links to the other page is the anchor text.

How to Use Anchor Text Wisely

Now when you know what an anchor text is i.e. it is the text that is linked to some other web page or URL, you need to know how to best use or incorporate the anchor texts. It is good to note that various anchors from a single page do not offer much value. This means that if a page includes the anchor text “Spanish cooks” a number of times, it is not helpful. It will not add any value and so there is no reason to use the same text a number of times on the same page. So, it is better to use variation in your text. Like, you can use the anchor texts “Cooks in Spain”, “Spanish chefs” and so on.Anchor Text

Also, multiple pages help but in case they are from same domain or URL, it is not as valuable as when they are from various domains. So, diversity of not just the anchor text is important, but even of the source is.

Then, fluctuating or changing the anchor text is crucial. Like said above, it is important to have diversity in your anchor text. You can thus vary the text differently like “Spanish cooking” and more. Further, Google and Bing usually count the very first anchor text in the page. So, it’s best to incorporate the anchor text towards the start of the web page rather than in the middle or end.

Even the internal anchor texts help a great deal i.e. the text which comes from your site, your site’s pages. Although there is small benefit from it, but it actually helps. You need to link in a way that the people believe that your website is amazing and so, it is great if you can work in the anchor texts well.

Final Verdict
Last but not least, even the surrounding text matters. This is important when the anchor text doesn’t have much context or value and so the search engines use the surround text. These are thus some of the points that need to be kept in mind about anchor texts and how to use them. These details will surely help you to use the anchor text properly and effectively. Not just will your readers like the linking through this way, even the search engines will smile upon your site in no time.

We hope these details will not just help the newbies, but even the experienced SEOs.

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On Page Seo Importance: Why Meta Tags are So Important?

For effective SEO, Meta title, Meta keywords and Meta description play a very important role. Thus, to enjoy high rankings and online presence, these Meta tags should be given due importance and attention.

Why Meta tags are so important?

Though the Meta title, keywords and description are not the only factors that the search engines take into notice when ranking the sites, they should indeed not be left off page as well. The Meta description is supposed to serve as the concise and brief summary of the web page’s content. On the other hand, the Meta keywords are the summary list of the important words on the web page. Similarly, Meta title is the main heading of the web page that should contain the most important keywords and highlights of the site.

Meta keywords and their use

Ideally the keywords should have 10 to 15 words. You can repeat 3 most crucial keywords once but in case you repeat them more than this, the search engine will ignore them and will not list or index your web page.

Always remember that the Meta keywords should be web page specific and not website specific. Try not to put same keywords on all pages of your site. In case you have one web page about breeding the cows and the other on how to milk cows, then keep the keywords related to the pages or content they are talking about. In case a user looks forward to get details on breeding of cows, they will see your web page on the breeding cows if you have proper keywords, title and description for it. Also, they do not need to know about milking of cows and so; you should refrain from mixing one page’s keywords into other just to increase the number of keywords per page.On Page SEO

Why Meta description?

Meta description is the first piece of content that the searcher will observe while searching for some products or services that your company has to provide and so when you compete with a number of other companies to get the attention, you should pay due care to meta title, meta keywords and meta description tags. All these effectively act as the advert of your business and thus hold due importance for effective SEO.

The Meta description is critical when it comes to attracting the traffic to your website. The title tag that accompanies description tag cannot effectively communicate the working of a company and so it is best to use the appropriate keywords and description.

Thus it can be said that the title along with keywords and brief description all add up to attract the traffic and help in effective, successful SEO for any site.

With our various case studies we found On Page SEO can scientifically improve your Search Engine Rankings and for that you can choose our Complete On Page SEO Service and see the Guaranteed changes in your SERP.

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What is Article Prism Service and how it works?

Article prism Service is one of best services till date to ensure high internet ranking. It connects you with the desired link to make sure that you are not valued by the number of links but also by their quality. This effective way to ensure traffic and visibility on web is taken by various experts who know how to help your business reach the top ranks in the search engine. Through SEO articles, blogs and top directory articles, the service providers build links with the help of link wheels.


This method is used by SEO experts who build one way links, to give you high search rankings in various search engines. They add keyword rich articles, press releases and forum which help you walk up the ladder on the search engines. The features of article prism service are to create rich, unique articles with keywords which are submitted to top rank sites while your site is inbound link to it. Article prism service is undertaken to give quality write-ups which also have social bookmarking and they also give deep links for the inner pages of your business website.


article prism

Article Prism

The article prism creation service includes trained and experienced professionals and search engine optimization experts which look into the selected link building process. The links which are building are quite relevant to your site and provides much- needed information to clients. These services ask your nod before the articles are submitted online.


Once you approve they are sent to high- ranking sites. The link building is done one way and is bound to be permanent. It also provides deep linking services which are available in different budgets to suit your pocket. This is the most valuable technique to get you highlighted on search portals. This can be done within a short period, thus helping you gain good rank at the earliest.



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Does link wheel really work?

If you are looking forward to know if a link wheel really works, you have certainly landed on the right place. A link wheel is the network of websites that are linked or connected with one another for SEO purposes.

Though creating a link wheel may seem to be a difficult task, the fact is that it is a very simple and effective SEO concept. You need to make unique content, optimize it with proper keywords, build links, link the sites with one another and with the main site and enjoy great results. It is actually a process that when carried out with precision, can offer many benefits to the online business owners, webmasters, bloggers and others.

Link Wheel

When you update the link wheel created, you will observe that your PR and keyword ranking will eventually increase. After this, you may even see considerable changes on site ranking. When you perform proper way of link wheel, you can see that your site will go up on the search engine rankings in some time.

A quality link wheel may be prepared with due help from professional, experienced link wheel service provider. SEOEaze offers quality and effective link wheel service. The team at SEOEaze is featured with professional writers and SEO experts so that the content that you get for link wheel is unique, SEO friendly and relevant. More so, the SEO specialists working with the company have deep knowledge and experience in handling link wheel and other SEO tasks.

SEOEaze provides manual link wheel creation with relevant content and generation of one way permanent links.

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